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This is part 1 of a two-part series of Singaporean men dallying with prostitutes. However, Daniel tells us the decline in streetwalker visibility is not because Singapore has successfully removed prostitution from her shores. Rather, the soliciting has moved to the online realm as prostitutes increasingly leverage the power of the internet. In the past, most prostitutes were streetwalkers. However, increased police raids have made soliciting in the streets more risky.


But new massage parlours soon pop up.

No access to hiv treatment

I shit myself. Indeed, infrequent trips to Orchard Towers often triggered a Kafkaesque metamorphosis. The British weather was bitingly coldmoney was tight and far too many car owners forgot to lock their doors. As a year-old father, being naked on a sofa or being in front of Netflix on a sofa can be a close-run thing.

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Still, the shiny city-state with the sordid underbelly continues to both intrigue and irritate for its distinct brand of bipolar morality. It was late, a weeknight, too, so the crumbling, dimly lit Geylang street was filled with too many prostitutes and not enough punters. I was there to research one of my books—insert your joke here—and felt a tug at my arm.

Part of the solution

Growing up on a London housing estate, everyone was having sex. Actually, we had no idea what we were doing, hence the impressive teenage pregnancy statistics. My water bottle, notepad and pen scattered in every direction, disappearing into the darkness, along with my ego. We were too busy having sex with strangers for free in the back of a Ford Cortina.

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Beneath the faint glare of the streetlight, however, this woman bore a passing resemblance to my mother, a Freudian nightmare on Orchard Road. Nevertheless, being the mature and sophisticated year-old scribe that I was at the time, I behaved appropriately. Besides, I grew up in a housing estate that once had the highest teenage pregnancy rate in London, a statistic that I proudly include in all job applications.

The most famous red light districts in asia

We knew what we doing. Pasty-faced Caucasian became Affluent Sex God. The skin colour was a calling card for sex workers. I left immediately. Singapore is a schizophrenic mishmash of virtues and vices, all clashing and conflicting in one hypocritical city.

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Instagram Facebook Twitter. But we did have a choice. So I had to venture to the sunny island in the sea, our restrained sanctuary of staunch family values, to be harassed by a sex worker in a verminous back alley. Naturally, my encounter took place in Singapore. I resisted the temptation to scream, but all decorum was lost when I clattered into bamboo poles filled with washing.

But we had a choice.

About a year later, an older woman ed me at a bench, patted my knee and offered her services. Top Stories. Sex should be a messy, sweaty, funny, consensual coming together of two equally aroused people, committed to the moment and each other.

Petain road: where singapore’s working girls go to be forgotten

Being the only white, non-Singaporean in the group, I prostitute experienced a Filipino woman bending over backwards, standing on her hands and feet with the grace of a african gymnast as she presented me with a red rose—via her teeth. More Feature Stories. To pacify the masses, the authorities will raid a few every now and then, allowing the media to take those degrading photos of handcuffed women, he bowed, sitting on the edge of a bed just to ramp up the seediness for the Chinese evening papers.

I singapore my principles. If only every woman—and man—in Singapore could say the same.

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There was nothing else to do. And then I ran.

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Like what you read? The tiny island, so safe, so sanitised, also makes room for the sleazy, often in the same street. Families share plates of prata in Jalan Besar while over-eager customers wait for hand-jobs in the massage parlours next door. There were other insalubrious encounters. We never had time for prostitutes.

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Everyone knows where the brothels are. Subscribe here.

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Look, most of us enjoy sex. In the UK, I was young, gangly and skint and not considered a prospective client for the vice industry. I had to open my empty wallet to demonstrate that I was not the man she thought I was. In Geylang, pimps are easier to find than policemen.

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By Nita Bhalla.


Some doors have notices pasted on them informing customers that the women they belong to are overseas, and all around are posters detailing reminders to practise safe sex with a condom.


This details the prostitution policies in countries.


Singapore has only one official red light district that offers safe sex — Geylang.