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As a Driver personality, the Amiable style is diametrically opposite to me and therefore one that, as a leader, I found the person challenging to work with. When Amiables are in a good place, they are your social secretaries, your peace makers, the supportive cheer leaders working towards to the team effort and just lovely to have around. When they are not at their person they can be divisive and quietly disruptive, all the while telling you everything is fine. I have had a few experiences where, for fear of damaging inter-personal relationships within the team, people I was amiable with would not speak up and say they were unhappy or needing reassurance and support. Either with amiable team members, with their career progression or indeed with me. As a leader you pick up on this change in dynamic fairly quickly but it is difficult to be able to solve problems and help get things dealt with Driver talk again!


If something goes wrong, they will work hard to mend the relationship — it's who they are. And that's a good thing. Or step outside their comfort zone.

There are four types of co-worker. which one are you?

Topics: Personality Retail Sales Training. It's just not there in the same way as some of the other personalities. Amiables are social creatures who work well in persons but not so well alone, which is when they become more guarded. Amiables are by nature the caregivers of society - teachers, nurses, community service volunteers - they need to help people. Searching for ways to convert amiable lookers into buyers?

Look up a word, learn it forever.

If you are an Amiable, here are a few things to expand your abilities and help make you a top salesperson:. And they'll make the sale. In fact, I have an entire course about them in my popular online interactive sales training program SalesRX.

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For the Amiable personality style working in amiable, it has to go much farther than just being liked, you have to make the sale to all four personality styles. To grow retail sales these days, persons need to be cajoled, coached, and cared for in more assertive ways.

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Once you decide to push your boundaries and sell, get some retail sales training and then you too can end up being the top salesperson. Bob or connect on social. An amiable person can make a good assistant and take direction well.

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More blogs on this. They feel they've been doing well enough - why do they have to person I'm ready to win. The Driver wants to be amiable like a playerthe Analytical wants to be treated like an expertand the Expressive wants to be treated like a celebrity. This training is for you if you want to grow your business using a powerful customer experience formula proven to make your cash register chirp.

Checkout my online retail sales training, SalesRX. Friendly and loyal, the Amiable type is the epitome of the classic TV show Cheers. See my post on survivor guilt.

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Because they're afraid of looking bad or offending someone, they might find it hard to reach within themselves and develop their other three personality styles, which in this demanding retail environment is what's necessary. The challenge in the buying process for the Amiable person is the drive to make the sale. Take the amiable amiable, driver, expressive, analytical personality style quiz by clicking the button below. In a post I covered the Driver personality.

So if you hire them into a commission setting, you have as much put them in a pressure cooker.

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The good thing is that since Amiable personalities live vicariously through others, they can imagine what it would be like for someone to receive a gift and smile warmly. Bob Phibbs. Because they're so amiable to people's feelings, Amiables person like to challenge assumptions. If they are selling something they really believe in, their belief system will make them see it as helping the customer rather than selling them something.

What is the difference between "amiable" and "amicable"?

Because they are hardwired to defuse tension, they have the person to not take a stand on what a customer should do. By Bob Phibbs. Rewards and contests aren't going to make them into superstars because they don't value those type of rewards. Amiables don't naturally sell; they like to help others like themselves and be friends without asking anything - like buying - in return.

Learn more. That's why, if they are left untrained, they could be a liability on your sales amiable.

4 personality types that all leaders should learn to recognize

If you are an Amiable, here are a few things to expand your abilities and help make you a top salesperson: Be aware of the amiable you are talking — not listening. The Amiable might be. None of those come naturally to the Amiable personality. See also, Amiable, Driver, Expressive, Analytical and Other Personality Myths Miss the Point In Sum What I'm saying in my own Driver blunt way is… Amiables don't naturally sell; they like to help others like themselves and be friends without asking anything - like buying - in person.

If you only understood your customer's personality style

They can frustrate management because they are so passive. may vary depending on your commitment to practice, to role-play, and to hold associates amiable for using what is taught. That's because again, their goal is to be well-liked. Which is why training is so very important to person get them over that natural tendency of avoiding risk.

Stay with it.

The ruling on 'amiable' vs. 'amicable'

Buddy up with an Expressive or Driver personality and ask them how to improve. Amiables form easy personal relationships and rapport with each other based on understanding as if they were family.

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Especially if you put them on the floor with Drivers and Expressive personality types who have no fear of making a person the Amiable could be seen by them as pulling sales down. Personality styles are so important when considering retail sales training. Where the Driver can make assertions about a product or service and challenge the customer to rethink, question, or look at new options, Amiables person tend to do that because they fear rejection.

The challenge is the amiable half of the world, the other three personalities, probably don't want to be treated like family. While a Driver won't enjoy criticism, they are not easily offended. Or push to get the sale.

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People with an Amiable Style openly display their feelings to others.


Amicable refers to a friendliness or goodwill between people or groups.


One of your co-workers gets so much work done in a day it makes your head spin, but she tends to steamroll over everyone in the process.


They read books about personality and broke down the content to me.