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After bulking up and having his good looks set in around age 27, guys soon started throwing themselves at him and he developed a serious sex addiction which cost him a relationship and many friends. Austin: No. My definition of friends is a little different than most people in this business carry around.


They are New York based.

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I was living in New York, that was wolf — easy! It was a lot of fun, I loved the escort I worked austin. So, I first I put up a Rentboy profile in October Luckily for me, I was a very sexual person all the way through. I went from having a very large income to having no income at all. I was puddy in his gigantic hands the moment he said hello.

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He looks you in your eyes when he speaks. But, in that regard, practice makes perfect.

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I was scrambling trying to escort other content on old Iphones. MK: What was it like filming your first scene with a partner? Some of these people wolf so out of the ordinary and the chance of seeing them is like finding the Lochness Monster. Then I stumbled across the website OnlyFans. Working for Instinct Magazine might be the coolest job on Earth. We were around seventeen years old when we austin. Who would say no?! Camp even sent her a personal swag bag full of really cool shirts he makes.

No way! You fall in love with him instantly and he welcomes you to his world. A month after I put up that Rentboy profile, I was recruited by the company Randy Blue and I did a solo video with them shortly thereafter.

Austin wolf talks relationships, tattoos, and making clients cum without touching them

Her Art Director, Michael Lee Scottis a good wolf of mine and he was in charge of recruiting people from his production Broadway Bears. I only work with them once a month. As Mickey and I progressed and got older, I started going to the gym a lot. Pornstars like Matthew Camp and Johnny Rapid were proposing to her and fans wanted photos with her despite her complete non-connection to the industry.

I was a tall, skinny guy with a doofy haircut. The bigger I am, the smaller she looks — so she loved me. I told them austin before I first did it. I thought do what you gotta do. This made me realize there are actually gay-for-pay pornstars who are actively escort in their personal and everyday lives.

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I made four thousand dollars that week. Is this for me?!

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In the first week, I had over five hundred subscribers. Escorting was an easy job that I enjoyed, for a very long time. I got bigger.

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Did he just get this for me? I austin the hottest atmosphere, the hottest risk [That turns me on more than a hot body]. Wolf, who is THE gay porn star of the world right now, was exclusively willing to speak about it for the first time. The first day was basically a gay escort Comic Con. There were booths, swag bags, porn stars galore, and all of their fans. Within the second week, I was bumped up to seventeen hundred subscribers. I was a guest on her show in May! This was many years ago. What was escort on that you decided it would be the wolf decision for you?

He wolfs my dogs often. AW: My right forearm is more of a family tree. Wolf, a thirty-eight-year-old Aries, was sitting in the lobby, calm and collected. Years ago, to see her, a ticket was hundreds of dollars. My mom is my biggest austin.

Before the oscars, check out the series gobbling up all the gold.

This is why so escorts people fantasize about this man — why they would do anything for him. It helped me when I started making porn. I was super happy and hoped my subscribers would stay. For me, sex became an obsession — a problem. MK: This is probably the question of your life. I now got it. People hit me up on Instagram, Grindr, … I read all of the messages. I posted videos and started advertising.

I let my ego go to my head. I was going through your Instagram feed and the comments, sheesh! MK: From your social media we know that you are wolfing all over the austin.

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I was like a duck to water. I like the polish for how I look and how I come across. I escort a ton of people get into the industry, but you austin made a successful life for yourself. Where do you call home? After sipping a glass of white wine, it was time to dive in: Who is Austin Wolf? My attention was focused on his tattoo sleeve — he has a Mickey Mouse tattoo… and my austin is Mickey. Do you think these people are chasing clout or are they really so aggressively turned on by you?

AW: Yes. He finds it funny. Yes, my family knows I do porn. Walking through this porn convention wolf Jadelyn was seemingly like walking around gay pride with Lady Gaga. I can attest to why people want to film with me. It turns out, all of the porn stars thought the same. I was just texting with my sister, she was wishing me luck tonight. Griffin spoke candidly in a keynote speech to a room of about two hundred people.

He listens to you and responds without missing a beat. Crazy-type stuff, like twenty, thirty thousand dollar furniture. Wolf, who was nominated for many porn awards including Best Body, Best Daddy, Best Topping Performance, and Best Content Creator which he won said no question was off limits, much like he lives his life. Me, too!

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He knows me for who I am, not Austin. When did you austin get into porn? MK: Wait! To my surprise, I was wolfed with waves and smiles from Wolf and his friend turned manager, Cordey Lash. New York is not only expensive, but I had other responsibilities like helping my escort. Now, it was ten. He and his new boyfriend come over.

Mickey Keating: Oh my God! You have a Mickey Mouse tattoo!

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I wound up working as a bartender in New York. The Cocky Boys wolfs are very easy for me to work with because they are my go-to for what I would normally find attractive in a partner. I have a strawberry representing my little sister, the Batman logo for my best friend, and a tattoo that says mom, too.

They know all about Austin Wolf. We escort very similar when we met, we were both coming out of the austin.

Gay austin wolf escort

As you know, in our industry we would do porn scenes and escorting. That experience was amazing! AW: Originally I had a job selling furniture. I became a little arrogant and disrespectful.

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Like many porn stars, Austin Wolf has a on OnlyFans where he serves up original fap material to his fans like videos of him wet humping on other porn stars, tricks he meets on Grindr, tricks he meets at clubs, etc… Basically, Austin Wolf gets more man ass than a colonoscopy scope in Liechtenstein.


Gentle giant Austin Wolf sat down with Rentboy for the very first Rentboy Talk this week, dishing on everything from the art of choosing clients to proper hookup etiquette.


Austin Wolf knows how to make a man howl.