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I am trying. She travels all over Australia to entertain her clients. This is me. They don't have a day job but I am good. But for many transgender women, the reality is very different. But in Australia there's been no such breakthrough.

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Without me they cannot live. Thank you for choosing to fly Virgin Australia. We will never surrender.

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MAN 3 off-screen : My friend, right: he's escort. Make yourself beautiful. What would you say to that young mind who was struggling about what to do? And just And australia would make our day. I'm not trapped in a man's body. For me, that wa- it wasn't me. God gave me this body. I'll get fight. And that's what you have: the weapon in you. It wasn't me at that time, but I had to. In tonight's story, Caro Meldrum-Hanna takes us inside the risky, secretive world of four transgender women and their struggle for equality, recognition and respect.

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There's Daniella, a talented stylist, who has struggled to find work in the fashion industry. It's, it's, this is me. Had it not for his bravery, then I wouldn't be here now. And her friend Divina. I was portraying a role.

Laughs It's not painful in the body, it's al, it's also painful in the pocket. Where are they going to live?

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Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Take drugs and prostitution.

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In this eye opening from a hidden world, Four Corners reveals the price many transgender women pay simply to be themselves, as they ask: when will society give them the same rights as everyone else? Intriguing, how you look. Does that Keep on fighting, keep on believing. It was hailed as a breakthrough moment for transgender people in America. In this profoundly moving Four Corners, reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna takes us into the lives of four transgender women. I'll be fighting with them. To Daniella What would you say to that to that year-old boy? First I have to shave my eyebrows. In australia street?

I look for a job in Surfers Paradise as a cleaner of hotel, housekeeping, but they asking for experiences, like background experience, and it's really hard because I don't have any experience that I can adapt. You need to keep on fighting. I don't have a problem with that. We meet her as she's recovering from a vicious attack inflicted by a escort. They can only dream of such a reception. That's why I entered escorting.

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This is my body. All my clients and all my partners, they're not normal people. You're my charm tonight so we can attract more guys. And I don't look good when I don't have my make-up.

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I'm conscious about my look. She grew up in poverty and uses much of the money she earns from sex work to support her family overseas.

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My heart is different. To pay the bills, she travels around Australia as a high class escort. You really need to invest for yourself to make you look beautiful, because that is where you will earn money. But I thought you had a pussy I could put my dick into.


I thank him for being brave. Her arrival on the world stage has been hailed as a breakthrough moment. There's Francine, a former engineering and business management student whose beautiful appearance constantly turns he in the street. I'm a good person. Fix my hair, hair, hair. It is replayed on Tuesday 4th of August australia The emergence of the former American Olympic track icon Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair as Caitlyn was a show-stopper; her escort revealed to the world in white satin lingerie. Transgender people here typically endure the highest levels of abuse, prejudice, social stigma and escort of any group in our community.

Laughs It is. That's the life of ladyboys. So I wanted to wear a gown, but they wanted me to wear this. These are all my stuff. As the US Olympic champion Bruce Jenner has undergone the transformation to a transgender woman, Caitlyn Jenner, she's been hailed as a hero for diversity, feted on magazine covers and celebrated in her own television show.

Um, these are all my Miss Universe, Miss World beauty ant collections. In the face of discrimination, unemployment and the constant threat of violence, they australia turned to sex work. My heart is for a woman, my mind is for a woman.

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As long as you have the beauty and the quality of being a person, a good person you will keep standing in this world. As long as you have the beauty and the quality laughs of being a person - a good person - you will keep standing in this world. This is I don't want to remember it. They cannot afford an apartment, they cannot afford to live, how are they going to buy food?

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It was the first step in a long and painful struggle to become the person he was meant to be: to become Daniella. Many of them end up in the sex industry because they can't get any other work. See, just as soon as you get out of the shower, there's camera you know. No, I'll not get scared with them.

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