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Do you sometimes wonder why you cannot seem to get what you want in life? Does it seem like others do not recognize your needs? On the other hand, maybe your relationships seem one-sided and unsatisfying. If so, the problem might be passive behavior. It is important to know when you are behaving passively, as well as when you are engaging in passive-aggressive behavior.


Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, causes extreme mood shifts ranging from mania to depression. A psychologist may also refer you to a psychiatrist if they believe you may have a condition requiring medication. They will ask questions passive your symptoms and behaviors, including when they began and the effects they have on your life, work, and relationships. A: There are several things you can do, depending on how the passive-aggressive behavior is demonstrated to you. Once they identify possible environmental triggers for your passive-aggressive behaviors, they can help you person being them.

Researchers believe people who exhibit passive-aggressive behaviors begin doing so in childhood.

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People with passive-aggressive behavior express their negative feelings subtly through their actions instead of handling them directly. She is upset with him, but instead of telling him that she is mad at him, she blasts the music on their laptop to bother him. Diagnostic testing may consist of blood tests, a neurological examination, and imaging tests.

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Child abuse, neglect, and harsh punishment can also cause a person to develop passive-aggressive behaviors. Some mental health conditions may have symptoms that are misinterpreted as passive-aggressive behavior.

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There are several things you can do, depending on how the passive-aggressive behavior is demonstrated to you. If you live with ADHD, you know that it's a complex condition. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Medically reviewed by Jeffrey Ditzell, DO.

Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, M. Learn about similar disorders, diagnosis, treatment…. Causes of passive-aggressive behavior. Timothy J. All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. Identifying passive-aggressive behavior. Be specific and include dates and times in your documentation. s of passive-aggressive behavior.

9 s of passive behaviour. are you being too selfless?

If you suspect that you may be exhibiting passive-aggressive behavior, schedule an appointment with a psychologist. Schizophrenia is a serious psychiatric disorder characterized by the person slowly losing contact with reality, often experiencing delusions or….

There are also some easy things you can do everyday to eliminate your passive-aggressive behavior. Read this next. Parenting style, family dynamics, and other childhood influences may be contributing factors. Q: How can I deal with someone who frequently displays passive-aggressive behavior?

15 passive personality traits

While even the person mild-mannered children have occasional outbursts, a persistent pattern of anger, defiance, and vindictiveness against authority…. This can help reduce negative behaviors caused by underlying anger and frustration. They can also help you work through anger, resentment, or low self-esteem issues that may be contributing to your passive-aggressive behavior.

For example, say someone proposes a plan at work. If the psychiatrist suspects the behavior is caused by a non-psychiatric medical condition, they may refer you to a primary care physician. Confronting the passive with your supervisor present will demonstrate to the passive-aggressive person that you being not tolerate their behaviors, and will most likely result in their targeting someone else.


With a total of test…. The doctor will also ask you questions about your childhood and the experiences that evoke symptoms. Fluctuations in mood from time to time are normal. But when a person is unnaturally moody, aggressive, euphoric, or mild-tempered it may be a of….

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Anonymous patient. There is usually some disconnect between what a person with passive-aggressive behavior says and what they do.

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This creates a separation between what they say and what they do. However, the person may not be aware of their passive-aggressive behavior.

Passive-aggressive behavior destroys relationships

We explain the symptoms, diagnosis…. The psychologist will ask you several questions about your symptoms, thoughts, and personal history. Remember that you are in charge of your behavior and you can change it at any time. A doctor will perform a physical exam and may order neurological tests to determine whether a medical condition is contributing to your passive-aggressive behavior.

You may be referred to a therapist or other mental health professional for counseling.

15 distinct s you have a passive personality

These conditions include:. Puberty is a time of dramatic change for girls and boys. What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Substance abuse and low self-esteem are also thought to lead to this type of behavior. Treatment for passive-aggressive behavior. These include:. These courses teach you how to express your thoughts and concerns effectively. If you notice passive-aggressive behavior in a spouse or family member, you may want to suggest they see a psychologist. Paranoid personality disorder PPD is characterized by intense mistrust and suspicion of others.

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Here's a top-to-bottom look at it, from causes and testing to natural remedies and tips…. While it can be challenging to eliminate passive-aggressive behavior, especially if you developed the behaviors in childhood, you can work through it. They may even teach you effective coping strategies, including how to look at a situation objectively and how to solve problems in a healthy way. Seeing a therapist for counseling can be helpful, as can changing the way you think every day.

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A person with passive-aggressive behavior may oppose the plan, but instead of voicing their opinion, they say that they agree with it. Underlying health conditions may result in behaviors that appear similar to passive-aggressive behavior. Assertiveness training can also help you manage passive-aggressive behavior. They may purposely miss deadlines, turn up late to meetings, and undermine the plan in other ways. However, a trained mental health professional can help you identify a behavioral problem that requires treatment.

Passive vs. aggressive personality traits

A therapist can help you identify passive-aggressive behavior and teach you how to change your behavior. Their behavior often angers family members, friends, and co-workers. Having quiet Borderline Personality Disorder BPD means that you direct mood swings and behaviors inward, rather than directing them towards others….

Dealing with passive-aggressive behavior. However, both biological and environmental factors may contribute to the development of passive-aggressive behavior.

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Identify the right personalities for the job.


Every war, bar brawl or playground smackdown ever fought has resulted from our habit of lashing out first and talking it through only later.


Passivity can be a useful tool in both business and in your personal relationships.


Passive behaviour is where you sacrifice your own preferences and needs, so that you can help others to meet their preferences and needs.