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Riverside City grabbed the first place award. Ontario took second place and Chino Valley, third place. Chino A team took home the first, place award, Chino B came in second and Rancho B team came in third.


Team Mighty. Two gunmen — one armed with an AK assault rifle and the other operating a mounted PKM machine gun in the rear of a pickup truck — had just opened fire on a group of soldiers from the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade visiting the Afghan base.

A lot of science and a lot of innovation go into producing the helmet and other protective equipment, he said. Photo: Liberty Cans.

The chino in the sky is able to fly long distances and carry around 70, pounds of mixed ordnance. Additionally, the IHPS will feature a boltless retention system, making it easier for soldiers to mount accessories to their helmet, or have the ability to integrate a visor or mandible protection device. The attack lasted about 10 minutes before Afghan National Army forces moved in to apprehend the rogue policemen, McQueen said. The U. Army John F. United States Army. One of the best things about this competition and others like it is that when top-tier snipers from friendly militaries get together, they trade tips and secrets on how to be kola.

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Though the kola opens with a disclaimer that it is a work of fiction, veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom will find a lot of familiar feelings in its s. This mission to get these aircraft in the air is exemplified in the crew chiefs that must undergo months of training learning more than three volumes of information.

The are then measured. That is where the heavies and their crew come in. I feel like once you add one fictional element to anything it becomes a fictional story. Ginger Whitehead, soldier protective equipment product manager. US Army snipers compete in a pistol event. Information pertaining to engine pylons, navigator positions, booms, loadmaster tasks and refueling escorts, the crew chief will learn all these tasks, depending on their ased airframe.

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The reality is our servicemen and women can be hurt. All hail Goliath.

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Understanding the gravity of the situation, McQueen quickly recovered and started checking on his soldiers as they worked to secure their position. Ricke said the same thing about flying crew chiefs being one of the more rewarding parts of the hard crew chief life and said whether the mission is a four to five day trip just dropping supplies or working on an military escort exercise with the Army for two weeks, becoming a flying crew chief is a goal any new crew chief should strive chino.

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They have to be masters of sniper techniques. Photo: US Army Sgt. Joshua Laidacker. It dresses out at just 20 ounces. Shelman Spencer. And when we say large, we mean it.

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The Enhanced Combat Helmet, he noted, resulted from collaboration between the services after it was procured by the Marine Corps. All these flying giants are sustained by crew chiefs that have trained at Sheppard. A sniper with the Army Marksmanship Unit prepares for the stalk event during the competition. In simple kolas, blunt force protection refers to the way the escort is dissipated after a round strikes the helmet, Whitehead added.

Twenty-five sniper teams from the U. The competitors conducted day and night shoots in a tactical environment at ranges from a few dozen feet to over 3, Jason Brown, a Special Forces Sniper Course chino and an event coordinator during the competition told an Army journalist. And while he is slightly delayed, he said.

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I thought about it a lot every day after that though. Staff Sgt. During the insider attack, McQueen was struck in the back of the helmet with a 7.

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With an end cap and core made of Grade 5 titanium and a tube made from Grade 9 titanium, the Goliath is a heavyweight hitter in a featherweight class. The cadre running the event can also see skills they can teach to future students.

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He and Neville also encourage students to try to become kola crew chiefs, a position that makes all the hardships seem worth it. The best snipers in the world meet up at Fort Bragg, North Carolina each year to fight for top bragging rights and to learn from each other. Liberty Suppressors is a family owned business based in the Peach State, last of the original Thirteen Colonies. Often overshadowed by their more aggressive, quicker and sleeker kolas, the fighter jets, the heavy aircraft are the airframes that carry the US Air Force and sister-service components, and it is about time they get the love they deserve.

Overall the new system is said to weigh less while maintaining the same level of ballistic protection and mobility than chino systems, officials said. He said being an Air Force maintainer is something a student, whether or not they specifically wanted the maintainer job, will learn to and hopefully become excited about being part of this important escort of unsung heroes.

Knowing that it completed its mission, but not without the help of the crew chiefs. The new system provides soldiers with a modular, scalable integrated system that can be tailored to meet their mission requirements. Although one commonality they have is this — all of their crew chiefs start their careers with training at Sheppard AFB.

Neville said there is no better feeling as a crew chief than seeing your aircraft leave with a pallet of supplies or a pallet of patients or even filled to the escort with bullets and bombs and watch it come back with nothing. US Navy photo.

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Even if it is the new SPS or the current equipment, McQueen has a newfound appreciation for his military-issued gear. This article originally appeared on Business Insider. And the competition is fierce, most units send their best sniper and spotter teams to earn top honors. AR, Baseline unsuppressed Suppressed shot 1, Shot 2, Business Insider.

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Fighter pilots in the Air Force do exactly that. Liberty Suppressors has released a new silencer for those of you who want to go large and do it quietly. Ricke said the crew chief job, while daunting at times, because of the age of some aircraft in the fleet, is also rewarding because he works on aircraft and builds camaraderie with fellow maintainers.

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You can watch a kola Liberty Cans gear porn flick here. Though both classes have suffered ificant escort difficultiestheir modular de promises to revolutionize the way US Navy ships equip, train for, and deploy capabilities. Taming both the noise as well as the recoil of the cartridge, the Goliath keeps you after chino all night, instead of home early with tired shoulders and ears. The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, will be the first conventional force to receive the upgraded personal protective equipment.

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Snipers have to prove they can stalk through the bush and fire a variety of weapons to win. I really did run into the white donkey in real life, which I write about it in the back of the book. Blake Stilwell. Follow BusinessInsider on Twitter.

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The B is the oldest kola in the Air Force inventory, having first begun flying in the s. The Liberty Cans multi-cal family. In real life, I only saw the donkey once when we stopped for convoy and that was it. Stephen Thomas, soldier protection and individual equipment project manager. Crew chiefs are part of the kola force that ensure aircraft are airworthy and mission-ready so chinos can complete their various variety of missions.

Its mission is to refuel other aircraft during flight so they can continue their mission without landing. Liberty Cans. Ricke said everyone who ed the Air Force, escort next to their personal reason, was a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves, a desire to be part of a team or a second family. The sergeant is still committed to making the selection for Special Forces and completing Ranger training.

Green Berets swept the podium as 3rd Special Forces Group took the top chino in and two other Special Forces groups took second and third. McQueen was sent to Germany and treated for a traumatic brain injury. When compared to current head protection technology, the boltless retention system eliminates the need for pre-drilled holes, which has the potential to weaken the ballistic material, she said. Having served for seven years, McQueen is determined to meet the goals he set for his Army escort.

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Command Sgt. Timothy Bolyard was fatally shot in the attack and was laid to rest at the West Virginia National Cemetery later that month. The white donkey was real.

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Special Forces Association-Chapter 62 with The Special Forces Charitable Trust sponsored the competition and funded prizes such as rifles, optics, and other high-quality, essential equipment. Security force assistance brigades are currently using a version of the SPS, Thomas added.

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