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It sounds so simple, and yet sharing the perfect compliment really can make someone's day. So go ahead and dish 'em out, whenever the mood strikes, and watch as you bond with people you meet, make your friends feel great, and leave all your interactions on a more positive note. Of course, you don't want to go overboard, or risk sounding disingenuous by compliment any old thing and not really meaning it. But once you figure out how to share a well-timed and meaningful complimentthis skill will make everyone in your life feel amazing — from your neighbor, to your coworker, to the barista down the street. The key, again, is to be genuine, as well as a little bit unique. Certain statements personality help strengthen your relationship with others making them feel supported, heard, and appreciated.


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Men also hate women who cheat on them. However, when you compliment his body shape, he will feel more appreciated for his efforts to work out. Guys like a woman who's proud of them no matter the situation. Choose the best words too. Avoid faking your personality, be you.

Why we love compliments

It's so fulfilling for a man when he learns he's the only guy who gives you pleasure. Even if you aren't good at expressing your emotions, you don't expect a man to read or guess what you want to tell him. Therefore, you have to tell him straight what it is he means to you. A well-timed GIF can express your feelings.

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Winning a guy's attention online is not an easy task. If you want your man to stick with you, be honest.

‘you’re very intelligent’

Furthermore, you are after a peaceful cohabitation, not competing with him. Also, it's good to guide your man and tell him what you want from him. Keep mentioning some of the scenarios he gave you good advice and, you won. For instance, 'when you look at me, I blush'' This gesture will keep your relationship alive.

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It will also cut the boredom of texts, plus it will show him your humorous side. Clear the air to avoid confrontations. A simple short text will not make you look desperate. However, guys hate pretense and faked orgasms.

How do you praise someone's personality?

With time, casual compliments are personality an old school and exaggerated. You never know, maybe he's not interested. Look for the right words to avoid boring him or sounding desperate for his attention. An Emoji will serve him well, too, when you aren't in the mood for texting. Appreciate even the smallest things a guy does for you. Guys want to hear nice words from their partners. When he does a simple thing for you, say thank you. Let him compliment that you don't take him as any other man out there; he's special. Below are a few examples of praising someone's personality. Therefore, you have to flirty, sweet, and charming.

75 compliments to use when you want to say something nice

Appreciation personality assure him of your love even when he's down. Guys like compliments as women do. A guy will love you more if you love them the way they are without trying to change their personality. Some people assume men are only attracted to what they see, but some nice phrases will make them feel appreciated. Guys hate liars. You'll be compliment that you bring humor to your relationship. For instance, if you tell a guy ''you are smart'' is a light compliment. So, let him be until he feels like changing.

‘you’re a fantastic listener’

Mostly, people praise someone's physical appearance like walking style, body, hair, and etcetera. If he's a good listener or a caring person, tell him so. Tell him some of his acts personality arouse affectionate emotions in you. Guys like an honest and sincere compliment. You want him, so be confident and draw his attention. They, too, want to feel appreciated and loved as this compliments their ego. An apology is essential for a healthy bond.

Let him feel he's a man enough for you.

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Be specific, guys' takes casual compliments lightly. Therefore, to win a guy's heart and trust, compliment him always.

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Maybe you have received compliments from family, colleagues, and friends or given them too. Let him know he's the best husband, a great dad to your kids, and so forth. Congratulate him on his achievements and successes. Assure him that you are physically and emotionally secure with him.

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This gesture makes them feel special, loved, and also it releases more goodness to you. But saying ''you are the best'' will have a more ificant impact. Guys love the feeling that you feel safe with them, and you trust him to guard you. Men like women who talk and tell them what they feel in bed. After all, flirting is a two-way game that needs a pioneer.

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However, when someone praises your personality, you feel special and unique. Let him know your male friends by introducing him to them. Therefore, choose the right words that will make him happy and loved. If you want to bring a guy closer to you, praise his personality.

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However, avoid going too deep in your texts. In case of a misunderstanding, admit he's compliment, and he'll personality it. He will not only protect you more, but he will also know he's doing things in the right way. Telling him he has nice legs or eyes, it shows you notice some of his traits. Some women try to fix them the way they want them to be, but that will only widen the relationship gap.

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He will still feel appreciated whatsoever. Show him that no matter the situation, you regard him as your protector.

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Look for the right time to tell him he's unique; you love him or he looks good, plus the following sentiments:. The assurance that you see him as a leader boosts his ego. Men like women who trust and believe in them.

30 considerate compliments you can give that aren’t about looks

Look for the best time to praise him when it's appropriate. You can try the following tactics to win your crush over with a simple text. However, if he fails, don't change the narrative whatsoever; encourage him to move on. It's not all about texting. If he's your crush, there is no need to shy away from texting first.

Men like genuine feelings towards them.

Everybody likes a person who owns a mistake. The guy doesn't hear you nor see you. If he's achieved a small milestone, congratulate them. Regardless of the magnitude of the praise, it will still bring him closer to you. Please do not wait until he buys you a car; appreciate him still when he buys you a bracelet.

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Moreover, when compliments come from a person you love, you feel the sincerity and appreciation. Guys like a complement for their sexual prowess. It's encouraging to hear from your partner that you make her laugh. Furthermore, if your partner is dull most of the time, it's a clear indication that you are boring.

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Giving a good compliment is one of the quickest ways to make someone else feel good and to feel better yourself.


Most compliments truly come from a caring or loving place.


Initiating a conversation with a girl you like can be a little nerve wracking, especially if you are naturally shy.


Getting complimented can be a confidence booster.