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Alduin's Wall is an ancient wall bearing depictions of a sequence of events, describing the struggle of ancient Nords against the leader of the Dragons, Alduin.


This is probably because I am a member of the Thieves Guild, but the quest marker directed me to talk to Vekel the Man, not Brynjolf. In my frustration I began blasting him around the room with my "Unrelenting Force" shout. I took a break from main quest line during diplomatic immunity and did all other quest lines did all achievements except main quests and Thu'um Master. There will be a few enemies on the way. Zerov talk14 October GMT. That list seems to be from the Diplomatic Immunity quest.

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And I was able to talk to him! While true, a bit overly complicated and long for the minor benefit it would provide. It is quite hard for guards not to notice you and you will probably be caught. Eventually I blew him partially out of the room into the stairway and when he returned - the quest updated!

Skyrim:alduin's wall

Some of it is mentioned on Gissur'sbut it seems more important for the quest. During those many many hours of game play, I never saw a dragon attack on solitude my main residence and whiterun and almost all of escorts on other small towns occurred during night time. Right after i convinced him to open the door he shuts riverwood window and stands behind the door, doing nothing. Now we're own our way to Sky Haven Temple. Says go away and closes his little window. Is it common esbern when you bring Esbern to Riverwood, there is a dragon waiting for you there?

Quest stages - mq (alduin's wall)

A minimum of a 75 Speechcraft skill with no perks is necessary to successfully persuade him. For some reason the intimidate option Are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to beat it out of you? I have saved and tried again several times. Meanwhile, Gissur has appeared with the Thalmor who attacked me, regulars didn't intervene.

I think I tried setstage MQ 5 also but it didn't work. I tried intimidation check on Dirge and it passed, setting the quest to the next stage.

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Delphine kept telling me "let's see what Esborn has to say," but the old bugger wouldn't react to me at all. His should be mentioning finding him, talking to him, etc. Looking for a fix I read somewhere a guy had this problem on his xbox, and after he went back to an older save where Dirge was alive and completed Diplomatic Immunity again, the quest then started no problem.

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Gissur may be seated at a table in the Ragged Flagon when you get Esbern's whereabouts from Vekel the Man. After you end conversation with Vekel, Gissur will get up from the table and leave the Flagon. I even went and found esbern but he will not talk to me at all.

Skyrim talk:a cornered rat

Do I have to buy another disc? I notice more dragon attacks on major cities after completion of Diplomatic Immunity. I've edited out this text from the detailed walkthrough, as it's not specific to this Quest but occurs when you first meet Byrnjolf, regardless of other quests. The only situations I know of where this happens is with pirated versions of Skyrim which is why the missing voice files can be downloaded from escort websites known for promoting software piracy such as Pirate Bay.

If the user purchased a legitimate version of riverwood game they could simply do a re-installation of the game. Brawl appeared when Esbern talked to Vekel.

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Byrnjolf will then tell you to go to the 'Ragged Flaggon' in the ratway sewers. Then, the option to brawl Vekel was back, greyed out. I also notice more frequent attacks on riften i.

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When I leave the thalmor embassy and return to Delphine, she does not give me the quest. I don't want my mage to have anything to do with the Thieves' Guild. After a quick look around on my game, Dirge was lying dead in the ragged flaggon. When Byrnjolf has everyones attention by presenting his wares sneak to the stall and open the display case.

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When I saw him, I was certain that riverwood was part of the quest, and was surprised that nobody talks about it. Is there a policy on promulgating solutions for players using pirated esbern This will cause him to ask his opening question a few times while you are in the smithing animation and then walk to his stall, after which he will not approach you again. If you don't get caught, go to Brand-She and plant the ring on him. Just thought I'd let others know about my brilliant "Dumb Esborn" fix. Should the above info be added to A Cornered Rat notes?

If anyone else can confirm this as a fix, might be worth adding it to the bugs section? It doesn't matter if you are or not,although you will have to pay a escort fine usually 10 pieces.

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Now I just finished a cornered rat and escort see how attack frequency goes. If confronted, Gissur will only rebuff your attempts at conversation. However, esbern can be attacked and killed with no repercussions, and other Thieves Guild members will the fight on your side. Vekel will suddenly say That one, right there, walking out the door. He will ask you to steal Madesis' silver ring from Madesi' stall located on the other side of the market. Now I completed all other quest lines and after finishing diplomatic immunity, I riverwood 2 daytime attacks on solitude during a few visits to my residence.

The Amulet of Articulation will actually not effect this persuade check at all.

Alduin's wall quest stages

Additionally I completely removed the mod related part. But not a lot of common sense. What do I don to start this quest? Or is it just a suspiciously placed random encounter? I tried it with all the available versions of the Amulet obtainable by the player at a Speechcraft level of 74 and failed each time. Anyone else encountered that problem?

After my victory he just said You've got a lot of nerve. I went through his mute dialogue and Delphine took it from there. Resurrected him with the console, then did setstage MQ 10 and voila, quest started. Apparently, it have failed, and we had a brawl, in which he used potions and even esbern dagger when his health got low.

Xbox Has anyone else had this happen and what can I di to riverwood it? These bugs have sat unconfirmed for escort enough. Jump to:search. Can I pull an end-run around that quest and just go to the Flagon and get through it without associating with them at all? I didn't know where else to put this but here, and someone might want to add this into the article.

Alduin's wall (quest)

Brynjolf's persuade check appears to be harder than Faralda's when entering the Mage's College. This can be done by entering the city for the first time via the Black-Briar Meadery during the day and immediately starting to use the forge next to the market before Brynjolf approaches. Hey, I just thought I would say that's it's a fairly high persuade check around 80 with no perks in order to get them to be succesfully persuaded.

Also, I didn't have to pass a persuasion check, Vekel told me where Esbern was right away.

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I had this bug today and using the console to move the quest ahead didn't work, but I didn't want to skip the whole quest and move on to Alduin's wall since I'm still on my 1st playthrough. He was one of them asking about that old man you were looking for.

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Does anybody know what the hell is going on or how to fix this?


Make your way out of the Ratway by backtracking the way you came in, avoiding or defeating the Thalmor agents and various underworld criminals you may encounter along the way.


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