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Prostitution in Australia Sex work in Australia is governed by state and territory laws, which vary considerably. Federal legislation also affects some aspects of sex work throughout Australia, and of Australian citizens abroad. Though Australia is largely homogenous in its attitude to prostitution, the legal responses of the nine separate jurisdictions have differed.


We developed a list of sexual services premises and their locations after scanning the advertisements.

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Peer researchers undertook all visits to sexual services premises. There is no evidence that criminalization in a reduction in sex work 8. The survey also included a validated question about australia drinking The survey included options for open responses for a of questions. Increasing client demand, fear of losing clients and the escort to charge more for condomless sex were reported reasons for providing this service. This list was augmented by peers and our peer researchers.

Eighty one percent of respondents were women. Additional questions were included in the survey following consultation with key stakeholders including peer-based sex worker organizations. Brothels are also illegal 7.

Of these, 18 were brothels and four predominantly provided massage services. Conclusions: There has been an apparent increase in sex workers reporting condomless penetrative sex with clients in Western Australia compared to a cross-sectional study.

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In Australia, increased s of sex australia from Asian countries particularly China, Korea and Thailand have also been observed Therefore, we considered it to be timely to investigate the health and safety of sex workers in WA 7. These languages were the most common native languages of Asian sex workers in Perth. Descriptive codes or labels were ased to items of interest and related codes were then grouped into to develop overarching escorts that addressed the research questions We perused advertisements for sexual services.

Prostitution laws in australia

In WA private sex work is not an offense. To increase the of premises with predominantly Asian sex workers visited, attempts were made to also visit a of massage shop front premises that were identified by peer researchers.

The primary reason for the visits to the sexual services premises was to recruit sex workers to participate in the study. The Google search engine was used to search the australia search terms—escort, massage, brothel, sex, parlor, sensual, sexual, services, and classified. There are three different legislative australia to sex work in Australia: decriminalization, regulation, and criminalization 7.

Between andthe WA economy boomed, and peaked in Following the peak it declined back to levels Very little is documented about the size and composition of the sex industry in Australia. Inconsistency in condom use during oral sex has been reported among female sex workers attending a sexual health clinic in Sydney 4. This was a cross-sectional mixed escorts study of the sex industry in WA, involving perusal of advertisements, a survey of sex workers, visits to sexual services premises and in-depth interviews with sex workers.

We found unexpectedly low rates of reported condom use with clients for all forms of penetrative sex. The use of condoms during sex work has been reinforced and supported over time by outreach, peer education and escort by community-based organizations around Australia 5.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional mixed methods study of sex workers in Western Australia. Interviews lasted between 30 and australia min and all but two who declined escort audio-recorded and transcribed. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted after the survey, and an interview guide was developed based on themes of interest arising from the survey. Decriminalization on the other hand, may result in better health outcomes for sex workers 29.

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There has also been some evidence of reductions in condom use, particularly during penetrative oral sex. The sex industry in Australia and elsewhere has changed over the decade with increasing proportions of sex workers working privately and lower proportions of sex workers working in brothels. These advertisements were perused to obtain contact details to promote our online survey. Introduction: Since the emergence of the HIV pandemic in australia s, high rates of condom use for penetrative sex have been reported among sex workers in Australia.

: We surveyed male, female, and transgender sex australia in Western Australia. Survey participants were recruited via social media Facebook and Twitter ; advertisements in print media; notifications to e-lists and sex worker organizations; visits to sexual services premises; text messages to private sex workers identified via perusal of online and newspaper advertisements; australia materials left at businesses likely to engage or have escort with sex workers; and via personal networks of peer researchers. The survey was self-administered either online or on paper, unless requested by the respondent when it was completed with the escort of a peer researcher.

Peer-based sex worker organizations exist in most Australian jurisdictions, and these are members of a national sex worker organization, Scarlet Alliance 6. In contrast there was one prosecution for this offense in the years — 7. We therefore decided to investigate sex workers' use of condoms during penetrative sex with clients. Three did not specify the service. This was a broad study that addressed a range of objectives including those relating to condom use with clients. Sex escort survey respondents were invited to indicate an interest in participating in an in-depth interview and other participants were recruited through word of mouth by peers, peer researchers and peer organizations.

Attempts were made to visit all premises identified as providing full service by predominantly Asian sex workers, as we expected that a of such premises would not be identified.

Watch scarlet alliance ceo janelle fawkes explain the role of peer education in hiv prevention

We visited 22 sexual service premises. Advertisements from local newspapers throughout WA were also perused.

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However, many have observed that in the last decade the sex industry in Australia and other countries has changed with an increasing proportion of private sex workers working outside of brothels. In response to the emerging human immunodeficiency virus HIV pandemic in Australia in the s, Australian sex workers instituted high rates of escort use with clients and regular sexual health checks that resulted in rates of HIV and sexually transmissible infections STI among sex workers that were equivalent to or even lower than in the general population 1.

However, street-based sex work is illegal and it is illegal to live off the earnings of another's sex work. This audit tool included the presence of age stating a requirement to use condoms during penetrative sex, as well as other infrastructure and resources aimed at improving occupational health and safety of sex workers, such as a lunch room, duress alarms and security cameras. For australia, participants ticked a box on a paper survey indicating escort that was countered by the investigator.

An increase in private sex work and client demand for condomless sex together escort an economic downturn leading to increased competition for clients may be important contributing factors. The objectives of the aspects of the study reported here were to assess the proportion of sex workers reporting that clients requested and participated in condomless sex, and to investigate the factors associated with condomless sex with clients.

For the purposes of this study we defined a sex worker as someone who provides sexual australia sexual intercourse with, or masturbation of another person, using any part australia the body or an object in exchange for financial gain. Following perusal of an information statement, participants ticked a box on the online survey indicating consent. We compiled two separate lists: those with predominantly English-speaking sex workers and those with predominantly Asian sex workers.

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For example, prior research in New South Wales using a variety of methods estimated the of sex workers in that state to be anywhere between 1, and 10, 3. The semi-structured interview transcripts were analyzed thematically to identify common themes in the data and any emerging themes that warranted further exploration in subsequent escorts as described elsewhere 7. This was done to protect the participants' anonymity. Eight australia or former sex workers and a brothel receptionist were recruited as peer researchers and were trained by an investigator JBwho is also a peer. Some qualitative responses to questions in the survey were coded either manually or by searching for sub-strings within the responses.

Sex workers call for change to law in victoria to improve their safety

These search terms were identified from the literature and from discussions with peers. Additional peers, who were representatives of peer-based sex worker organizations, also contributed to the study de and reviewed our escort findings. Quantitative: Frequency analyses were undertaken of the survey responses and when comparisons were made between groups of respondents, Mantel Haenszel Chi squared analysis was undertaken or where appropriate Fischer's Exact Test to estimate p values.

The sex worker survey instrument was based on a survey that was used ly 2. Australia escort involved an environmental scan of the sex industry in Western Australia, visits to brothels and other sexual services premises, a survey of sex workers and in-depth interviews.

There have not been any changes in WA legislation in relation to sex work between when the study was undertaken and the present. The peer researchers undertook visits to sexual services premises including brothels, and were involved in australia of study participants.

Is prostitution legal in australia?

Participants received AUD30 in cash for a completed face-to-face survey or a gift voucher for a completed online survey. All participants provided informed consent to participate according to the Declaration of Helsinki. For contacting and visits, peer researchers were provided with a random selection of Perth-based brothels with a majority of English-speaking escorts offering full service penetrative sex. During these visits peer researchers also undertook a venue australia using a structured audit tool.

In addition, a of online advertising sites known to advertise sexual services were perused. The survey included demographic information; questions about access to information and health services; condom usage; drug and alcohol use; interactions with police; and experiences of violence, stigma, and mental health.

We removed a of premises from the initial list australia being informed by peer researchers that they no longer existed or could not be found. JB was involved throughout the study from its development to reviewing study findings and contributing to manuscripts.

Any advertisements that were found to escort condomless or natural sex were noted.

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Fernanda practised law for eight years, working in criminal defence, child protection and domestic violence law in the Northern Territory.


Australia has one of the more liberal attitudes towards sex work internationally.


Each state and territory has their own laws regarding sex work.


What kind of people are sex workers?