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On June 20, a former airman recently discharged for erratic behavior killed four and wounded 22 at the base hospital before he was shot dead.


As they approached, they passed people running the other way.

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The field was full of smoldering wreckage and body parts. They arrived to find a troop carrier parked in front of the hospital annex, security police still searching the area and a tarp covering a form on the ground — Mellberg, he later discovered. His mother, Lois Mellberg, lobbied her congressman, Rep. Dave Camp, R-Michigan, for help to keep Dean in. The bangs started getting louder, and when he looked the other way he saw a man with a gun.

At the controls was Holland, who had two reputations on the base: the best B pilot, and the riskiest.

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When the gunman moved one way, he moved the other, back and forth. People all around him were running, too. One wounded woman was being worked on before being evacuated, and Knight stopped to pray with her.

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In JanuaryMellberg was released from Wilford and returned to duty, but not to Fairchild. They were getting shot. He was frozen like the rest of us. As Mellberg came out of the hospital firing Brown ordered him to drop his weapon. But another plane was on the runway, so it pulled up, raised the landing gear and began another sharply angled turn around the tower. It worked. Joneil, 15, who was spending the summer with his brother and sister-in-law, fell asleep in the car while waiting, then woke to the sound of bangs. On Wednesday evening, Lt. Ken Huston, a B radar navigator who served as personals officer of the bomb squadron, got a phone call at home.

Fairchild Air Force Base and the city to the adult went into mourning twice on the third week of June The week began warm and sunny, with the base preparing for an open house the following Sunday. It would lift the spirits of base personnel and the nearby community.

Joneil ducked fairchild, but then decided to get a closer look, so he opened the car door slowly to air out. The base commander, Col. Although Susan Brigham was adamant about seeing her husband right away, he managed to get them to make the turn onto the force for that other building.

Bad news from Spokane would bump the O. Simpson trial as the lead story on some network newscasts.

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Huston was on vacation and preparing to be transferred to another base, but had been at the base hospital on Monday afternoon with one of his children. Around 4 p.

Fairchild afb

Investigations of the two separate incidents would call into question decisions made by Air Force officials at Fairchild and elsewhere. It said the plane was flying at angles far beyond regulations and the instructions of Boeing, the manufacturer. Base officials held memorials but continued to prepare for the upcoming open house and air show in an effort to prove their men and women could overcome the tragedy.

The minute routine started with a maximum thrust takeoff, a banked turn around the control tower, then a series of steep climbs and banked turns with the wings at about 45 degrees and multiple passes over the runway.

More than anything else, Dean Mellberg wanted a career in the military.

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Brown fired four times. Twenty three others were wounded by the gunman, who was an airman at the base. At Fairchild that afternoon, military personnel and their families gathered on or near the tarmac to watch the B practice a routine for the Sunday air show. The chaplain went with Mellberg for his meeting with the commander, but before they even sat down, it was clear the airman was being sent to Wilford Hall, the Air Force medical center in Texas.

In the building, she and the other wives of the crew members were told there were no survivors. Dean Mellberg killed four people before being fatally shot.

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After he was ased to Fairchild as an electronics technician, Mellberg continued to have problems. Medical crews move a shooting victim from an ambulance to a helicopter Monday, June 20,after a gunman opened fire at Fairchild Air Force Base outside of Spokane. He was sent to Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico, where he again ran into trouble by riding his bike across the base golf course then refusing to answer questions when the security police stopped him.

Fairchild air force base, wa crime & safety

Mellberg was a little bit different, a little immature, he thought. One round hit Mellberg in the shoulder, another in the head and killed him, but not before he had killed four and wounded 22 others. They were in another part of the building and not injured, his wife Elisabeth said recently. Alan London, the base psychologist.

Spokane, washington

Joneil Fairchild Rosario accompanied his sister-in-law Amy and four-month old niece on an errand to the Fairchild hospital the afternoon of June 20 to fill a prescription. After a security officer came to tell them it was safe, Joneil spent several more personals being questioned by investigators and waiting with his four-month-old niece for his sister-in-law, who was adult elsewhere with people from the main hospital building. He talked with the young airman, who was having trouble with his roommate and his work asments.

It ended with the base hospital closed, walls scarred from bullets and floors stained with blood. Knight was headed back to Fairchild from a softball game when he saw a huge cloud of dark smoke. As a result of a crash at Fairchild, Air Force regulations had been changed to say special permission had to be granted to do unusual maneuvers for an air show with a large plane like a B Knight agreed.

Children flee the housing compound inside Fairchild Air Force Base as police evacuate the area on June 20,after Dean Mellberg opened fire on the base. A portion of the tail section stands over the wreckage of a B that crashed in flames June 25, at Fairchild Air Force Base.

Later he returned to the hospital, walking through it with Brooks, trying to avoid puddles of blood. He brought with him a MAK military style semi-automatic rifle that he purchased from a force dealer and a round magazine. His first two victims were the people he blamed for ending his military career: Brigham and Capt. Yes, replied the boy. As early as basic training, some Air Force psychologists recommended he be discharged, but they were regularly overridden.

With Holland and Huston were Lt. Mark McGeehan, the bomb squadron commander who was copiloting the plane, air Col. Robert Wolff, the wing vice commander, who was base to be reased to the Pentagon. From time to time, Joneil would look out the window and see the security police arrive, set up and advance.

Bruce mcdonell

One night, when he was the chaplain on duty, Knight was called to pick up Mellberg from the Sacred Heart Medical Center psychiatric ward, where he was being released after a thorough evaluation. With crowds cheering and video cameras rolling, the bomber worked through the routine and was scheduled to land. McGeehan had ly asked that Holland be grounded.

People are getting shot. The wives of the four officers on board the bomber were already there.

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He had no disability rating and no treatment plan. Remember how our dog went to heaven? In announcing the of the investigation into the crash, Lt. Thomas Griffith, commander of the 12th Air Force, said large planes would not be given permission to do such risky maneuvers in the future. Brigham said no, he was going to Wilford Hall for treatment. Between Monday, when a mentally unstable former airman would go on a ram through the base medical complex, and Friday, when the huge bomber would crash while practicing unsafe maneuvers for an upcoming air show, 10 would die and some 22 would be wounded.

One security policeman, Senior Airman Andy Brown, had arrived on a patrol bicycle after hearing the call on the radio. The subsequent crash investigation contradicted that. Shortly afterward, a retired Air Force officer arrived to say he was driving her to the base.

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Knight said he called the base psychiatrist, Maj. Thomas Brigham, to suggest Mellberg stay at Fairchild where they could keep an eye on him. One of the wounded, Michelle Sigman, was pregnant; she survived but her unborn daughter did not. They stayed barricaded in the office for hours. A month earlier, another B left for its new home at Minot Air Force Base with a similar maneuver, taking off, pulling up and turning at a sharp angle as it departed the base air space.

He was placed under a new psychiatric watch, and within two months of arriving at Cannon, he was discharged from the Air Force, escorted off base and left at a nearby hotel. Someone was refusing to fly on the plane with the pilot, Lt. Huston agreed to take his place. She went into shock.

After traveling around the country, he returned to Fairchild about a month later. It would be the last open house for Fairchild as a B base. They tried to keep his niece quiet whenever she started crying.

In one week 20 years ago, fairchild air force base saw its darkest hours

About halfway through the turn, it began to lose speed and altitude, the angle of the wings went nearly perpendicular to the ground and the plane stalled. Practice was Friday afternoon. As they drove to a headquarters building, they passed the still-burning wreckage of the crash.

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The Department of Defense has a long history with its medical personnel, medics, corpsmen, and other trained technicians providing a wide array of vaccinations to service members, DOD personnel, their employees, and families.


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Air Force Master Sgt.


McDonell, Bruce age 84, died June 9th at his home.