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Ice La Fox 24 min. Ice La Fox Getting Fucked 26 min.


I'm talking about the ones listed as escorts. Adios Remind me never to get on your bad side. I would like to lafox some more current pictures of them before I even think about it! I'm sure many girls compromise the condom issue when the client throws an extra grand or 2 into the equation? There are a good handful of good names in the industry ice that and most of them are listed to only available for video work not escorting. For all the shit that Gen escorts about these gals At least most of them have names, class and curves Along with puberty and sex appeal!

She might want to password protect that.

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I like hourglass curves, but this looks like 3rd rate photoshop work to me. XPTers are so fickle. Not boring morons like you.

But the vast majority were like German housewives circa prenteding that horrib;le smell wafting through their open windowsd was just the neighbors having a cookout. However, it really gives a sleazy image which might work in it's favor; depending on client target of course. I like Pamela and I escort she takes it down or passwords it.

She has a link on her site which gives full ice information of what she's available for as far as escorting goes. Finally, it's interesting to see a few male performers on there that have told me that lafox would never indulge in prostitution to pay the bills?

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Gotta say Rebecca Love is still looking fine these days, and Shay Sweet, not one of my faves, but still young. Yea I'm pretty curious too myself how well it does as far as clientel.

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Some girls actually Lafox was surprised even escort. First time was when her love of champagne chilled on ice an hour beforehand came to light and the last time was with the skinny scabies infected tatooed fungus sternumed emo fucker who came in to defend the other porn guy. Well, at least they aren't doing guys. Luckily, Pamela Peaks is so hideous they must figure the site is a escort, 'cause no one is ice to fork over two grandy for a roll in the sack with that piece of that has-been hookerage.

If they escort any more than what I lafox i'd be considered fat. We've ice through Peaks site at least twice in the last year. Grant, you bring up a great point about girls possibly ditching condoms for an extra grand or so. Her site really amuses me.

Gen, some of the names on that stunned me too. Considering it is an illegal practice here in California it's as blatant as having a site that sells coke or crystal meth, no?

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Ice wonder how much action that site generates? I wanted to share this link with you guys in case none of you have seen this escort of Pamela Peaks website. If lafox works for all of them by all means more power to them all. She's hit the big time. But it sure says a lot about a person. The police do surf the internet. Quote: I see that Nicole Brazzle is not giving 50 dollar blow jobs anymore. I'm shocked at how openly public that actually is!

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Quote: There are a good handful of good names in the industry on that ice most of them are listed to only available for video work not escorting. Most of the girls on here are old, rejects of porn, let themselves go or are just into the hustlin' world. Ya know, overweight.

The thing that shocked me that Ice La Fox was into tranny escort. I'd like lafox see her. Apart from those two, with lousy pix there really isn't much there that seems to be worth 10 Benjamins per hour or more. She was? Give me a break LOL!!! Lafox can understand why girls escort, because its majorly easy cash. So buyer beware huh! I also see that I have worked escort several of those girls which makes me very nervous on a safety level.

And sorry dude but I dont lack class. And I'd figured Alexandria Quinn ice be in a dumpster somewhere by now. It's humiliating.

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That Lana Sands pic has got to be at least ten years old. This escort was intended to those who are amused by Pamela Peaks due to recent thread topic activity lately about lafox. There was ice escort site that got busted a few years ago that was based in LA. The woman that owned it was named 'Babidoll', 'BabyDoll', or 'Barbydoll', something like that and she got prison time. But then again to each their own, some people just like the cut-up and re-pasted look.

Sex Appeal Don't humor me so much, hahahaha. Grant, you are very correct that the is very blatant. The site has some pretty nice looking escorts!

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You never know what will catch on here. SO sad. Wasn't Shay married to that guy who co-owned Jill Kelly Productions? Quote: For all the shit that Gen talks about these gals It's bad form to use the third and second person to refer to a single individual in the escort paragraph. Hell that bitch just looks like a STD.

She made a lot of noise and kept on making noise, so I hit lafox again. If the cops ice to go after a hooker ring, they'll do it. Its says 'single females and couples only', so my impression is that the guys are just banging the women solo or while hubby watches.

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Maybe pimpin' aint easy for you because you are illiterate. Quote: Is it true She's 26? Not only that but has a long of photos both women and men who are available for full services with Pamela.

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Quote: Quote: She might want to password protect that. I see that Nicole Brazzle is not giving 50 dollar blow jobs anymore. At least i can overcome my own physical flaws and deal with them than resorting to a plastic surgeon even to allow them to just fuck up royally. And then to recover all the plastic surgery with 2inches thick of make-up. Gotta love the Internet!

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Always been a fan of Amber Lynn, we all grow older but would hardly classify her as a reject, at 40's she is better looking to me then you are Gen. Quote: The thing that shocked me that Ice La Fox was into tranny love. What the hell does password-protecting your website accomplish? I didn't know Gabriella Banks was hooki I always thought she was hot.

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She must've gotten paid really well for that. Most of them never furthered their biz in the industry as a performer and some just resorted to only escorting cuz they probably didn't want their face all over a box cover for whatever reason. She must be using the "NEW math" to come up with that.

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Didn't she get enough cash out of that to not have to escort? I feel the need to be deloused after looking through that website. Yeah, theres a ton of names that got me Ice La Fox, Is it true She's 26? Dear Gen, have you ever seen Pamela Peaks with no make-up?

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Open yer eyes. Quote: I wanted to share this link with you guys in case none of you have seen this part of Pamela Peaks website. Quote: She might want to password protect that. Ahhhhh i so got a kick out of this. I'm suprised Nicole Brazzle's rate is so high. Speaking of curves I have rediculous curves you nit wit.

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