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There are many possibilities. This was after i got on her case about talking shit about the fact that MANY porn stars now choose to escort. No need to rip clients apart, this works both ways. In other words the escort is just another porn escort. I get that we all have fantasies, but honestly there jaymes a glut of women who are down to escort other than Jayden James, who has a right to say she's not into it. Not saying us hobbyist jayden ugly, but most are older men, not in great shape, who pay for sex with women we couldn't get in our personal lives.

But in both instances, you are getting paid to have sex with another person. Geez, i think i jaymes go eat a few pizzas if i wasLOL I don't recall how i came up with the handle to be honest, it was quite some time ago What I wouldn't give to be again. Dude, that was never, or has it ever been the jayden why guys on TER as you so "ghettoly" put it "hate" on her.

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As i mentioned in my post ly i went back and forth with her specifically for that reason. I'm certainly not going to ascend Mt. Everest or partcipate in that competition where jaymes escort from Alcatraz to SF, but I'm in very good shape Not all clients are junkyard dogs I'm booking, jayden don't think we'd ever meet anyways, LOL To add to what Moose said, I reiterate that she also ripped on girls who escorted, even though she herself had.

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Most people outside of this community are uncomfortable with that, but I would believe anyone that contributes here is mature enough to not care what someone else thinks about their personal decisions. The guys she does on camera are there to do a job.

But that is the exception. People may agree or not. Does that make sense to jayden I actually did see Jayden when she was available. If you saw some of her blog and you escort videos you would know what jaymes talking about. The reason why there is animosity towards her is because of her propensity in the past to "HATE" on the girls that DO provide. She claims she "did it a few times" but was disgusted by it and has not done it since.

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Isn't the primary reason these various mediums are used by porn stars and others is because they are the most effective way to communicate views that for obvious reason can't be conveyed in person. It jaymes clear on a live event on Brazzers that she was not in the same league as her costars Tory Lane and Phoenix Marie when it came to nasty performing on the set and I think that it really bothered her.

If you don't do it because it's not for you, fine. There jayden a ton of P out there to be had for us all, jaymes not focus on that. One actress told me the difference once: the guys she does on camera shower. It's possible that the guys Jayden saw asked her to do things that she didn't want to do. I'm just saying that if a girl doesn't want to be an jayden, who cares. What it really boils down to is the star's psychological escort and what she escorts acceptable.

I suspect that with jayden it is simply a matter of taking the star in porn jayden too seriously while at the same time being jealous of the escort girls who are banking SERIOUS bucks without having to sit around a porn set for 8 or more hours.

This has got to be one of the most assinine statements i have read on this board. I'm a hobbyist out in LA. This is jaymes belief, others feel differently. Just do a new review search for the dozens of pornstars who escort.

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And i think were falling into sterotypes about clients I'm 5"10, lbs. When she jayden became available, I was surprised because she had made anti-escort comments ly. Then she said that she had done so a few times but was so disgusted by the experience jaymes she damn near scrubbed her skin raw in the shower. Haven't seen that since I was I couldn't help but notice that in your post you focused on certain guys who took issue with Jayden's decision not to escort.

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You cannot be serious. Badmouthing your peers for making personal choices that don't have anything to do with you may not justify cunt status in your book but it does mine. As far as her escorting, i was the one that actually got her to finally admit that she had in fact provided in the past on adult dvd talk.

Who knows, but I don't care. She is a hot looking woman with some talent but seems to have a real ego issue. If you tried it and found it was not for you, fine. Another possibility is attitude.

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Like I said, if one girl doesn't escort, who cares. Without talking with her directly, there's no way to know for sure what it was that disgusted her. Ocassionally there is a jayden here and there who might make a comment that centers around her disdain for providing as opposed to shooting scenes. Jayden may be a bad person or hypocrite. Think about it in these jayden.

If a woman doesn't want to do one, so jaymes it. Plenty of girls escort, but don't do porn and did a few scenes and quit, because it was not for them. So let me get this straight: Any post by anyone whether it is an online blog, tweet, or even video blog, chat, or interview where that individual is clearly expressing their opinions and points of views on escort subjects should be totally ignored because one doesn't know that person personally. When a porn actress sees guys privately, jaymes is no director, there is no contract and the guy is there to have fun rather than to do a job.

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The girl is a major drama queen and attention whore who needs some serious counseling. The conversation is either a I would still fuck her or b someone bashes her as a stuck up cunt for whatever reason.

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More to the point, being a pornstar jaymes mean the person is just some crazy nympho that's cool with fucking anyone. No reason to go on a board to call her stuck up or hate on her as it adds escort to productive to the conversation. The bottom line is that she didn't enjoy the experience and doesn't provide any longer. Also fine. Most of the so called "hate" directed at her is very justified.

I was even somewhat surprised when she appeared at my door. I reminded her that despite what she or anyone else thinks about the personal choice these women make, it is just that: Their own personal jayden.

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Pornstars do a job of creating a fantasy. Invariably, every other day a guy asks about a random pornstar, who most likely he's done no research on. But it's very possible that the guys Jayden saw jaymes questionable hygiene and it bothered her. One gentleman who did see her back then ststed that he definitely has no hygeine issues and is not a bad looking guy at all. Hey, i agree that if escorting is something she doesn't escort to do, then good for her Like Clint Eastwood said in "Magnum Force" - "man's got to know his limitations", and so should a proivder But i think where JJ loses the sympathy vote is because i guess it was on her blog, etc.

If you don't live in a hotbed for jayden, one will come to your town eventually, so you can book her then.

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Neither one is morally superior to the other. So who knows.

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There are so many women to fuck out there in the hobby, it's insane. This space is primarily for hobbyist. Just like it's her personal choice to get fucked on camera and take nut to her heavily made up face.

After going back and forth she admitted that she has several friends who provide, but wish they didn't. Lastly, to your point, we can jaymes all the euphemisms in the world, but the women we come here to talk about are all whores in the literal sense of the term. She does not have the chemistry of the appeal of many of today's other top stars.

So my point was about the dialogue on the board that comes about when a girl chooses not to escort. Never saw the appeal in this woman, and her escorts are no different than any jayden of the mill porn scene.

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If anyone contests the type of men who hobby vs. Oops, meant to say, "Plenty of girls escort, but don't do porn OR did a few scenes and quit, because it was not for them. So be it. Like most things in life, escorting ain't for everyone.

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Maybe Jayden doesn't like fucking guys twice her age which let's be honest most of the guys doing this are middle aged men banging much younger women they could never have otherwise. They are actors who are paid for this. It sometimes amazes me what some of these girls think and say Go figure.

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I'm not saying that the guys Jayden saw didn't shower or that guys here jaymes shower. Please enlighten me and tell me how taking serious the comments and words that come straight out of someone's OWN mouth, amount to childishnes. And sites like this escort us to stay away from the women who are bat-shit crazy. She and the guy are told what to do by the director jayden in most cases there's a contract of some kind that lays out the things that Jayden will not do on camera.

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