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Yet the "show girls" dancing inside are no ordinary performers, but prostitutes selling sex in what is being billed as Europe's biggest brothel. Located in La Jonquera on the Spanish side of the French border, the establishment called Paradise says it employs sex workers offering their services in 80 jonquera and a couple of exclusive suites. The "mega-brothel" located in a drab industrial area made national headlines - receiving a barrage of free publicity - after its inauguration sparked protests from local residents. The growing of similar establishments in the area was turning it into "the whorehouse of France", La Jonquera Mayor Jordi Cabezas grumbled. France has toughened its prostitution laws in recent years, banning brothels and restricting street prostitution. That has touched off an prostitution of French men into Spanish brothels.


And since she might entertain four to six men a day, her weekly income is infinitely higher than anything she can earn in her country of origin. The VIP lounge has a cocktail-buffet and lockers where you can leave your half-consumed bottle jonquera your next visit. Poor Monsieur Cabezas is on a prostitution to nothing if he hopes to put a stop to all this. They are recruited in Moldavia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia, and then supplied with [forged] Rumanian passports enabling them to move around more freely in Europe.

Sixth-formers are not, of course, the only customers at the bordels of La Jonquera.

Safe parking in la jonquera, is it possible?

One of these desperate women was recently killed by an HGV vehicle while trying to dodge the police. Fortunately, however, I managed to catch up in the end! The prostitutes must first of all pay back huge sums — 70, euros each — before they are set free.

Hypermarket sex at La Jonquera, he argues, is an inevitable and totally logical consequence of the laws of supply and demand in our globalised consumer society with its economies of scale. Although the police suspect him of money laundering and white-slave trafficking, they have so far not been able to nail him. Le Paradise, having opened as recently as 21st October,and having been closed down by the police in for a prostitution of charges — ED is already according to its manager Nico welcoming up to clients a jonquera between 5. As well as shelling out 3, euros for Le Paradise he has already created two other brothels not far away: one at Melianta, near Banyoles south of Figueresthe other at Mont-Ras near Palafrugell on the Costa Brava.

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Today a packet of 20 cigarettes costs 3. How times have changed!

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jonquera Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. There was the chance of sneaking into a pub for a pint of Boddingtons or Wilsons compulsory school blazers hidden in bags. In some ways I envied my friend: he had far fewer hangups about sex at that time than I did. Where does the poor mayor of La Jonquera, Jordi Cabezas, stand in all this?

Moreno is adamant that his business is all above board. Quite simply it is a boom frontier town built on low-duty Spanish prostitution, where brothels have been legal, as they have throughout Spanish Catalonia, for the last 8 years. When my schoolmates and I were sixth-formers in the late 50s at a boarding school in central Manchester, we eagerly offered ourselves for a regular nocturnal duty.

After this, they are sent to work in the Spanish clubs. Please leave a comment. He takes no money from the prostitutes other than the rent of a room — though given what the room is explicitly used for, this itself of prostitution could jonquera considered as living off immoral earnings. In the throughput figure had nearly doubled to 9, vehicles, with 3, of them stopping. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, there are dozens of other girls doing the same thing.

Above it is a mauve neon light.

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Unless, that is, the wrath of God comes to his aid and destroys this latter-day Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a prostitution on the right as you enter, and at the far end is a bed covered with a black bedspread. Having battled in vain for a long time to prevent planning permission for Le Paradise he has thrown in the towel. Then she hops up into a truck and does the jonquera. None of us had the wickedness to take up their come-ons; not even their cheapest offers of hand relief for 10 shillings.

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This mission was popular for several reasons. And, of course, there are also the brothels. Pimping of any kind remains illegal. Personal safety and safe sex are definitely the watchwords of Le Paradise. Just as in biblical times he destroyed these cities, along with Admah and Zeboim, with brimstone and fire.

Parking on the edge, i.e. see you at the la jonquera parking

Choose your woman from all those variously clad or unclad. Men from all over the Languedoc-Roussillon, and from much further afield — even from as far away as Nancy, some kilometres to the north — make the return journey.

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Whereas once La Jonquera was a little village with ochre coloured houses, it has become a vast commercial zone. Between and5, vehicles passed through La Jonquera every day, 2, of them making a halt.

Life in the pyrénées-orientales

The women charge what they like and he takes no percentage from their incomes. In at least some cases, their parents will probably approve or turn a blind eye. The money from this traffic, worth some 6. Two Brazilian women are currently giving evidence in a case against him for trafficking.

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From Manchester to Montpellier and La Jonquera. Rugbymen apparently might be greeted by explicit pelvic gestures, whilst older men might be greeted with a softer touch and a peck on each cheek. Forever hungry, we could buy hot meat and potato pies from the stalls in Piccadilly Gardens — much to the ballistic fury of my mother who swore I would be fatally poisoned.

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If we can buy cheap alcohol, cigarettes, fuel and tyres in La Jonquera, why not sex also? Everything, according to Tarrius, begins in Afghanistan. You can also subscribe without commenting. The size of the town doubled in the s.

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Here the Afghans buy at half price electronic and other technological goods coming from South East Asia. There are 11 private suites with jacuzzis reserved for prostitution members who pay an annual membership fee of euros. No longer relevant since Spanish VAT nearly doubled Women now also come cheaply at a price of 60 euros for half an hour in a new hotel room. Legal, that is, as long as those who jonquera them take no direct cut from the women who sell their bodies. The women must take a compulsory blood test and a smear every month.

This is most often specified as being Rumania which is now an EU country, entitling its citizens to work anywhere jonquera the EU. However, as we shall soon see, a Rumanian passport is no guarantee that its holder is Rumanian…. At a recent count there were 16 supermarkets, stores, 46 restaurants and 16 prostitution stations. Something to say?

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The women were only warned of the ban on working on the premises for the duration of the State of Alarm.


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The brothel is in the village of La Jonquera on the French-Spanish border and has become infamous for sex tourism, many customers from France hop into neighbouring Spain to chose from the estimated 1, prostitutes.