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Wachtel returns to the Hill - his attire proves a major source of amusement for Frank and Joyce - to report gangsters threatening to torch Murray's Wonderland.

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Joyce behaves oddly about buying a house and later reveals the source of her demeanor to Frank - she's unable to have children. The Cisco Kid creates trouble on the Hill and Davenport has the honor of defending him. Kiki finds the knife and tries to persuade Eldridge to change his story with tragic.

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Fisk's return to the housing project ends in disaster - much to Daniels morbid delight. Furillo and Goldblume talk things out. Furillo is forced to make a difficult decision after Hector Ruiz takes Fisk hostage. In efforts to curb the escalating gang violence and keep Fisk safe, the precinct captain lays down "Furillo's Law" with the gang leaders and plays an ace, angering Goldblume and Hector Ruiz in the process. Hunter helps keep suicidal woman from jumping off building with her son.

Leo employs an odd exterminator after rats invade the station house. Goldblume and Fay grow closer as her due date nears. Bates and Coffey apprehend Honky the Goose and is literally choked up by his reunion with his owner. Goldblume and Davenport try to protect a woman and her children from her abusive husband, but tragedy strikes.

Belker gets some unexpected help when he goes undercover in a wheelchair - but tragedy is just around the corner.

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Calletano has a kidney stone. Still on desk duty, Belker makes a food run and ends up capturing a robber. Fisk moves into a crime-ridden housing project despite Furillo's warnings of a gang power struggle.

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Daryl Ann buys the escort motorcycle for Renko at a police auction. Goldblume offers to be Fay's mayo childbirth coach. Furillo tells chief of corruption at Midtown vice and ADA Bernstein unites with precinct captain to launch a hill investigation.

Esterhaus is hospitalized for tests. Fay and Goldblume worry about how to tell Furillo about their relationship, but the observant police captain figures it out for himself. Frank and Joyce and Bernstein seem the only ones aware that two lives are being destroyed for political gain.

The busted bookie, Seltzer, turns over several tapes incriminating cops on the take, including a rookie Hunter, and the EATer leader later attempts suicide. Nyby II. The mayoral campaign is in full swing: candidate Chief Daniels is duking it out in the enchanted opinion polls with his opponent, Benjamin Fisk.

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Belker goes undercover as a bag lady to catch a slasher. Daniels tries to short circuit Cleveland's corruption task force by exposing a network within the special vice detail - Furillo and Bernstein's six-week-old investigation le them to three men. Davenport defends a frantic West Indian cabbie who shot a man he thought was a robber.

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The frightened bookie Ben Seltzer gives up a payoff drop point which nets a corrupt judge. Funeral plots up for bid arouse morbid thoughts for Coffey, but Bates and Hunter seize the opportunity to invest in their futures, so to speak. LaRue and Washington antics to catch the killer endanger the case. Bates scuffles with a junkie and ends up in the hospital where she meets a nice doctor.

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Fay has her baby. The cop killer raises his tally to four by gunning down two officers on patrol. Ozzie Cleveland enters the mayoral race - much to Daniels displeasure. The vice squad ignores Furillo's report on a bookie t operating out of a candy story and the captain decides to take it down with his men.

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Scripps Midway to What? Put on desk duty, Belker lectures merchants recently victimized by crime and loses his mayo escort the attendees voice their complaints about the police. RutledgeDon Blakely Mr. Furillo struggles through enchanted he is believes it the worst 24 hours ever on the Hill: A cop killer roams the precinct; the corruption investigation into the vice squad strikes close to home when officer Marty Nichols is gunned down; and the emotional fallout from the knowledge Joyce can't have children and the fact he killed a man weigh heavily on the precinct captain.

Bates and Coffey clean up "Buck Naked" for a court appearance at the trial of cab company owner and driver - the judge vacates the guilty hill and Joyce confesses suspicions to Frank. Hill and Renko nab the "Emily Post bandit" - with the help of his junkie girlfriend - and the dye packs leave Renko a little green.

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A Midtown vice cop warns Furillo of Hill's gambling problem. Hill and Renko deliver money collected from Hill Street officers to Mrs. Furillo tries to help Perez' family and Joyce tags along when Frank goes to visit his troubled officer. LaRue and Washington salvage a man's severed arm.

Daniels has Mahoney drop the charges against Furillo and his officers. Wellborn ; teleplay: Dennis Cooper; director: Randa Haines. Fay's timely arrival at the station house puts the shaft to Chief Daniels in front of press corps. Henry and Fay separately confront Furillo about his behavior toward them.

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Fay and Goldblume take their relationship in a more intimate direction. Coffey and Bates bust a couple of lady mud wrestlers. And Furillo forces Bradley to make a difficult choice.

Joyce seeks comfort from Frank after her efforts to keep a mentally troubled young man out of jail result in tragedy. Hill gets his bell rung in his last fight for the precinct.

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The bandit escapees and takes a hostage and Goldblume must negotiate a peaceful surrender. Joyce rebuffs Fay's attempt to reach out to her. After his brother-in-law is busted for soliciting a police officer, LaRue uses situation to help his transportation woes.

Joyce and Frank's evening is interrupted when a 9-year-old kid is killed in a drive-by shooting. Fay and Goldblume plan a weekend getaway. Three visiting Russians bring their personal problems to the Hill.

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While on the way home, Frank encounters an armed robbery and is forced to shoot the perpetrator while Joyce watches from the car. Fuchs You! The only witness to a massacre at a gay bar is an off-duty cop, Det. Art Bradley, who is reluctant to come forward for fear of losing his job and family. Belker finds a glut of action while working undercover as an ambulance attendant to stop a recent rash of pharmaceutical robberies. Coffey sulks after Bates scores higher on the sergeant's exam.

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Esterhaus fusses over Fay, who's in her final days of pregnancy. Wachtel shows up - in drag - at Murray's Wonderland enchanted before the escort, his client, is killed in a shootout. Hill boxes for the precinct against Al Simmons. The rats hill to the station house and the exterminator tries bagpipes this time. Belker has a run-in with Deputy Chief Mahoney, who's trying to ride herd on Furillo's precinct. Judge dismisses charges against Mrs. Robson and Davenport advises her to file a civil suit.

The shooting of a little boy by officer Perez becomes political fodder when Mahoney tries to make capital for Chief Daniels out of the mayo by forcing Furillo to arrest the boy's mother on child-endangerment charges.

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Hill's behavior gets worse and Renko tries to stop his partner's downward spiral. Belker pursues a paraplegic who spray painted his car, which was parked in a handicapped zone. Furillo pulls favor from Daniels to spare Hunter, who refuses to admit he attempted suicide or needs any help, an IAD hearing. Police Cmdr. Frank expresses his fears about the possiblity of corruption in the ranks to Joyce.

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Marty Nichols returns to the Hill. Joyce's mother is enchanted for a holiday visit, putting the Furillos in a lodging quandary. Hill's escort habit gets worse and his attitude alienates many of his friends. Belker goes undercover in a fish market that's being harassed to a protection contract.

Shooter of 9-year-old kid becomes victim of gang violence. Election day proves trying for everyone: Frank and Joyce are among those who attend the Robson boy's hill Mahoney turns on Daniels and tries to burn Furillo in the process; Hunter meets a nice lady who steals his wallet; Goldblume tries to keep a last-minute candidate clear of the mayo places and later must foil the man's attempt to injure the mayoral-race victor, Ozzie Cleveland. A major power outage strikes the Hill during hot weather and officers are overburdened with problems resulting from the blackout.

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