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In the past it always felt like you were walking on eggshells. When every wrong move could have led to something ending or someone just leaving you had to be careful. When you finally meet the right person you realize home has never been a place but rather this person who has given you a reason to stay.


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If you've been cheated on or mistreated in a relationship, opening your heart up to someone new can be really scary. But as Graber says, this is unhealthy for several reasons. But if you're stuck in an endless of cycle of attracting the wrong peopleexperts say, there may be things you're doing that are repelling the right person from coming into your life. Being closed off is definitely one way to keep from meeting new people. I get it," Forness says.

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Insecurities are part of being human. Other times, you'll form a friendship with someone and months the road, you find that you've developed feelings for them. For one, you're more likely to gloss over any incompatibilities.

The right one will come into your life when it's time. Sometimes you'll meet someone and the chemistry is hot, but the intellectual compatibility is completely lacking.

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If you're too in your head and constantly find yourself overanalyzing the tiniest things, Andi Fornessonline dating coach, tells Bustle, that could be keeping the right one from coming into your life. Dating, getting to know new people, and staying open to the possibilities is the best way to attract the right one.

Here are some other more surprising things you may be doing that can keep the right one from coming into your life, according to experts. Unrealistic expectations can kill a relationship before it really takes off.

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If you can do that, you will attract the right one in no time. When you're " closed conditionally" you've likely told yourself, "I'm open to being in a relationship if I find someone I actually like or connect with.

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Secondly, most level-headed people want to approach a relationship slowly. One of the most common pieces of love advice you'll hear is to stay busy and keep doing you.

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But if you constantly feel like you're lacking something, Rappaport says this kind of thinking can keep the right person from coming into your life. As Rappaport says, if you really want a relationship you need to open yourself up to it.

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So she suggests to just be open and discerning. Being told to "just be patient and wait" is probably the most annoying thing you'll hear. But according to Rappaport, that fear of letting someone in can prevent you from attracting the right one.

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Sure, there is a good amount of patience needed to attract the right one. The worst part is, you may not even realize you're doing it.

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This has nothing to say about you or your worthiness of finding love. When you never seem to find the right match or you keep getting into relationships that never actually go anywhere, it's easy to lose hope and feel discouraged. When you have your life pretty much figured out and you're ready for a long-lasting relationship, meeting all the wrong ones is the worst.

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Let's be real, the road to finding "The One" can be rough. Focusing on your career, your side hustles, and your hobbies are totally fine if you're really not that interested in having a relationship. When this happens, there may not be room for someone to come into your life. But there is a HUGE difference between observing and overanalyzing.

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Everyone is worthy and deserving of a happy relationship. By Kristine Fellizar.

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When you're in that low place, it's going to be difficult to attract the right person for you. But the problem with that is, life doesn't work that way. But it also involves you being happy with yourself and open to the possibilities. But if you are, Rappaport says having an overloaded schedule with too many obligations and priorities can prevent the right person from coming in.

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When you were younger you may have had an ideal timeline for your life. Furthermore, they will put up with your insecurities because everyone has them. So stay optimistic, but be grounded and take it slow.

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Thinking that you have to follow a set timeline can actually prevent you from taking your time and weeding out all the wrong people for you. If you have this belief that the right one will come to you as the total package, you may have unrealistic expectations. Overanalyzing, on the other hand, can make you paranoid and put you into a negative head space.

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To get to the bottom of the conundrum so you can stop mentally spinning , relationship experts weigh in on how to handle the notion of being currently happy and satisfied in your partnership, but not overcome with future-tense confidence.


Nothing is more frustrating in dating than being ready for a relationship, but having no clue where to meet the right person.


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