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Have you ever considered sex work? Alexis not her real name!


My guy has gone off sex.

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Maybe her dealings with men have made her hard and incapable of understanding what love really means. I've never had penetrative sex and my husband is going elsewhere. I'm not happy as things are, but I couldn't live without her. But what about the rest of your life together? She was very depressed during this time, and took antidepressants, which, she told me, killed her sex drive.

It is likely that she is actually quite happy with her life as an escort and is not willing to give this up for you.

My (30m) girlfriend (30f) just told me she was an escort for several years.

She works as an escort. My male partner has refused to have any sex with me for a year. She saw one six years ago for a different problem and said they were no help, and that 'a stranger could not help'. I can understand why she does not want to bring her work home and have sex with you, possibly because she cannot distinguish between simple intercourse and love itself, possibly because she is not getting paid for it. Unequal libidos? Very few other men would tolerate what you are putting up with, and it doesn't sound to me as if your sacrifices are appreciated or even particularly admired.

My girl works as an escort – but she won't have sex with me

It sounds as if you would like to see a counsellor, but she has dismissed the idea of any professional advice or help on the basis that one counsellor six years ago made no impact on her. Is grief affecting my libido?

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He gets angry when I ask for sex. We don't even have sex once a month.

'my girlfriend has sex with other men for cash - but there are surprising benefits'

We've been together for two years. You seem devoted to your girlfriend and are offering her every possible freedom and understanding that she seems to demand. Maybe she is using you as her only means of enjoying any stability and security in her life. Little sex for three years. What do you discuss when you are together? I don't want to be seen naked. My wife has absolutely no interest in sex.

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How can I cope without sex? You are a tolerant and loving person with a normal sex drive and I'm sure there are thousands of women out there with whom you could have a very happy life indeed. Can one boost female libido? My girl friend is addicted to sex, in particular the naughty aspects, but won't have sex with me. Talk to a therapist or Relate this week. Sexless marriage.

My libido has plummeted since we got married. What mutual interests and hobbies do you have?

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What holds the two of you together and makes it a relationship? I'm a woman in a gay relationship, but with no desire for sex. Last updated Parenting Mental health Healthy eating Conditions Follow. Before that we used to have sex all the time. I no longer want to have sex with my husband.

I have become an escort and my boyfriend couldn't cope?

In the last 11 months we have had sex once, about a month ago, and she didn't seem impressed at the time, sulking quite badly afterwards. What are your ambitions and goals in the next few months and years as a couple?

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I haven't had intercourse for six years. You say you cannot live without her. My boyfriend will only have sex if I 'bug' him.

I’m 22 years old, i’m an escort, & my boyfriend has no idea…

Since the birth of our child my wife no longer wants sex. Is intercourse once a month normal? Your girlfriend sells her body for money and earns a living from spending time with other men who want her for the one thing that you also crave.

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She's since stopped taking these. My husband has gone off sex and won't talk about it. She took a nine-month break from escorting 11 months ago, starting work again two months ago. We have differing sex drives. I can't live without having sex any more than she can. She refuses to see a counsellor. My husband asks me for sex very infrequently, so is he having an affair? Of course, this is quite an unusual sort of relationship.

My wife has a low sex drive. If you have any advice, please let me know, as I have no idea what to do now. Lack of sex is ruining my relationship with my husband. My husband is no longer interested in sex.

I don't know what to do now; I'm becoming very depressed about this myself now. My man does not satisfy my sexual needs. Answer I feel very sympathetic towards you.

My gf wants to be an escort?

I've tried everything to help her, talked to her lots about this, but don't know what to do. I love her — but we don't have sex. My man does not like sex. I wouldn't mind her doing the escorting work she has safe sex with most clients if we had a healthy sex life ourselves, but we don't.

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Type keyword s to search. I believe the time has come for you to see a counsellor and to contemplate how you can break out of this destructive and strange relationship, which seems to be going nowhere. We have only tried to have sex once this year. She worked briefly during the nine-month break in a low-paid job, but gave that up.

I find it hard to enjoy sex when I'm in love.

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She tells me that 'sex shouldn't be the most important thing', which is true — but it is a factor for me and it's made especially hard knowing that she's having sex with clients. We just aren't clicking sexually. My year-old boyfriend would rather sleep than have sex. We don't have sex unless I take the lead.

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I can't stand being touched by my new husband. Question My girl friend is addicted to sex, in particular the naughty aspects, but won't have sex with me. What kind of a future do you have? She has no sex drive, so can I reduce mine? We no longer have sex. My sex drive is low, even though I love my boyfriend. But surely if she will not change, and she refuses to respond to the emotional pain that you are in, this unrequited love will only torture you more and more.

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A WOMAN has revealed that her and her boyfriend are still going strong after 11 years - despite being escort who sleeps with other men for cash.


Bloke finds it hard lying to his friends about what his girlfriend does for a living - but how long can it go on for?


Her friend suggested she should try being an escort and on her first day, she met with five men.


EXCLUSIVE: Crystal admits that dating is difficult as people find it hard to deal with her career choice - but reckons she's "found a keeper" with her boyfriend of 11 years.