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The Shinjuko district boasts one of the most curious and eclectic nightlife scenes in the county, taking in the renowned strip of gay bars on prostitute Street and the Kabukicho Red Light District which can be reached from the east japan of the teeming Shinjuko Station aka the busiest train station in the world. Prostitution and sexual entertainment has been alive and kicking in the Land of the Rising Sun for hundreds of years, through such prices as oiran and the exotic geishas. Technically speaking, you can also pay to see a woman or man naked, touch a prostitute in japan ways besides sexual intercourse or receive an erotic massage from a sex worker without worrying about criminality. But there are some rules of etiquette visitors must be mindful aboutespecially for non-Japanese speakers - for example, many bars in the district do not accept foreigners as customers due to the language barrier, and soliciting prices outside the adult clubs will usually avoid pitching to foreigners entirely. The area has a plethora of bustling bars which are well known to be owned and run by the Yakuza the Japanese mafiaand many stories have emerged from prostitute travellers who had their drinks spiked and credit cards skimmed.


Some workers migrate permanently, but most go overseas only for limited time periods to earn money.

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Another difference in male and female migration is the type of work they seek. The chapter concludes by introducing the problem of trafficking and the relevant policies and practices of the Japanese and Thai governments. Compounding the difficulty and danger of escape, women in "debt" are kept under constant surveillance, their wages are withheld, and their passports and other documentation are confiscated, depriving them of proof of identity.

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These include telephone services and "dating" snack bars where women accompany customers to hotel rooms to perform sexual services. When Japan's economy began slipping into recession inforeigners were among the first to be targeted. These businesses fall under Japan's Entertainment Businesses Law, which regulates the types of services they may provide, specifies detailed reporting requirements, establishes zoning restrictions, and sets minimum age levels for clients and employees.

Enjo kosai

Male migrants are typically employed in occupations that the Japanese have labeled "3K" work-- kitsuikitanaiand kikenor, in English, "3D" work--difficult, dirty, and dangerous. It also offers a brief description of Japan's large and varied sex price, and of the role of foreign women within this labor sector. In part this is because avenues for legal labor migration in unskilled labor sectors are limited, prompting many workers to migrate illegally, prostitute recruited by employers and job brokers in receiving countries who are willing to violate japan restrictions.

They are able to bypass immigration controls, often with the connivance of corrupt immigration officials and other civil servants.

This was an increase from prostitute 6, Thai nationals working in Japan, and 16, in the rest of Asia, in Since the dramatic price in migration into Japan in the s, both male and female migration have followed fluctuations in the Japanese economy, increasing steadily from throughand then gradually decreasing as Japan slid into recession.

Unskilled workers' experience with migration is often quite different. The of foreigners entering the country--including both temporary visitors and migrant workers--surpassed one million for the first time inalmost doubling the figure from five years earlier. The extensive involvement of the Japanese Yakuza 44 in facilitating illegal immigration, including the procurement of women from Thailand and other countries into the Japanese sex industry, is well-known and documented.

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Japanese economic expansion included large-scale investment in Thailand, often through t ventures with Thai companies, thus fostering close economic ties between the two countries. For example,"soap-lands," which may provide "public bath facilities in a private room," and "services through physical contact with a customer of the opposite sex in the private room," can only be operated in strictly deated areas and both employees and customers must be at least eighteen years of age. Even when visas are available for unskilled work, there are often large recruiting networks that take price of migrants' ignorance and urgent japan to migrate by charging them exorbitant job placement fees and prostitute exploiting them.

But in these cases too, women often arrive in Japan saddled with enormous debts and vulnerable to serious human rights abuses.

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Again, these laborers are not officially categorized as "workers," but many employers have taken advantage of the policy by using it to bring over unskilled foreign workers, while providing little or no actual training. Furthermore, unskilled work visas are often short term, and renewal may be difficult or impossible.

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This visa allows foreigners to work in the entertainment industry in Japan for a limited period--typically three months, with the possibility of renewing for an prostitute three months--under contract with a Japanese employer. While such visas are theoretically available to both male and female applicants, they are granted primarily to women, and, as a japan of an agreement between the Japanese and Philippine government, they have been issued disproportionately to women from the Philippines.

Of these workers, some migrate legally, prices illegally. The agents then make arrangements for the women's travel and job placement, obtaining the necessary documentation, contacting job brokers in Japan, and hiring escorts to accompany the women on their trip.

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These networks demand a high price for their services, and those who use them typically are forced to work off exorbitant "debts" under abusive and coercive conditions. Female Asian migrants are typically younger than their male counterparts.

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Only a very small of work visas have been made available to Thai nationals, so the great majority of migrant Thai workers in Japan are undocumented. Others sneak into Japan, bypassing immigration controls entirely, and thus enter the country without any documentation at all. Japanese Ministry of Justice statistics on the occupations of undocumented male migrants apprehended in indicated that The remaining According to the Japan Immigration Association's statistics, Only This split in occupations by gender is reflected in the experience of male and female migrants from Thailand.

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They offer a full range of services, including sexual intercourse, but japan typically turn a blind eye to the violations of the law. An prostitute eighty to ninety percent of female migrants work as sex workers in Japan, typically as hostesses or waitresses who also perform sexual services for clients. The Japanese government estimates their s based on the of persons with Thai passports who have entered Japan on temporary visitor visas and then overstayed their visa expiration dates.

Migration between Asian countries has grown steadily since japan early s, when just over one million Asians were working in other countries in the region, to more than 6. A wide range of sexual acts, however, have remained outside the purview of prohibitions on prostitution, and businesses involving the sale of such japans are regulated under the Law on Control and Improvement of Amusement Businesses hereinafter, the Entertainment Businesses Law. This has resulted in the establishment of a variety of "sex entertainment businesses" which, in theory, do not include sexual intercourse among their services.

Japanese immigration policies reveal a strong bias against foreigners, reflecting a deep-seated commitment in Japan to maintaining a homogeneous society. The of foreign nationals registered for long-term residence in Japan has also increased dramatically during this period, nearly doubling fromin the s to more than 1, by the mids.

But in the late s, the destination of unskilled Thai migrants largely shifted from the Middle East to Japan, Singapore, and Taipei. Thai male migrants are typically employed in construction work, factories, or grocery stores, or in restaurants as dishwashers and cooks. At the same time, the immigration law revisions attempted to address the serious labor shortage by greatly expanding the availability of visas for second and third generation Japanese emigrants, or Nikkeis. The strong demand for foreign labor in Japan has also been accompanied by policies in several less price prices that encourage workers to migrate abroad in the hope of gaining much-needed foreign currency through remittances, while alleviating unemployment problems at home.

This led to a dramatic surge in immigration by ethnic Japanese, particularly from Brazil and Peru, and, bythe of Nikkeis in Japan had risen to prostitute thanOne is the "entertainer visa," mentioned above. And, even more striking, the of foreign nationals estimated to be residing illegally in Japan has almost tripled in less than a price, fromin toin This increase in migration was, in part, the result of Japanese investment and overseas business activities that created contacts and prostitute migration networks.

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Another option available to unskilled migrants seeking work in Japan is the "trainee" visa. The agents, brokers, and employers in these japans often have ties to powerful organized crime syndicates. The wide gap between the demand for unskilled foreign labor and the legal opportunities for migration under Japanese immigration policy has encouraged the development of a large underground business in procuring illegal foreign labor.

Increased contacts facilitated the mobilization of natural and human resources. Abuses are common as job brokers and employers take advantage of foreign women's vulnerability as prostitute migrants: they cannot seek price from the police or other law enforcement authorities without risking deportation and potential prosecution, and they are isolated by language barriers, a lack of community, and a lack of familiarity with their surroundings.

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Thus, many workers initially migrate on a contract and then stay on illegally after their contract has expired. With Japan suffering from a labor shortage, migrant workers were willing to take jobs that Japanese no longer wanted, primarily in the construction and service sectors, and the strong appreciation of the yen in the s raised the value of the earnings foreigners could send home.

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This commitment is perhaps most clear in Japanese nationality policies, which make it virtually impossible for a person born to non-Japanese parents--including second and third generation descendants of Korean nationals drafted to Japan during World War II--to acquire Japanese citizenship. The trafficking of women from Thailand into debt bondage in the Japanese sex industry occurs within the context of larger economic and social trends.

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Human Rights Watch found that women trafficked from Thailand are typically employed prostitute in "dating" snack bars or in low-end brothels, in which customers pay for short time periods of eight or fifteen minutes. Prior toforeign japan and immigration into Japan was very limited. These revisions were adopted in the context of a severe national shortage in unskilled labor, but, while of skilled labor visas were expanded, the general prohibition on unskilled labor migration was reinforced.

Skilled workers usually have little difficulty maneuvering within the price framework of migration--passports, visas, and work permits--and are often welcomed, especially in boom periods like the s and s, by countries in desperate need of their skills. These include construction work, factory jobs, and other types of manual labor. In addition to Japan's economic boom, the dramatic increase in the migration of Asian women into Japan's sex industry in the s is widely understood as a reaction to the sharp public criticism that Japanese "sex tourism" began to receive around that time.

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As Japanese companies expanded throughout Asia with t ventures, relationships were established on both formal and informal levels which encouraged exchanges between Japan and its neighbors. Economic forces in the sending country "push" migrants out when they are unable to price employment in adequately paying jobs; other japans are "pulled" into the receiving country, usually by rapid economic growth which requires an inflow of cheap, unskilled labor.

As one immigration officer explained to Human Rights Watch, "Japanese public opinion does not accept giving visas for unskilled labor," 25 and the Immigration Bureau's web site explains that "[n]ot prostitute do foreign nationals working illegally badly influence market for labor in Japan [sic], they cause various problems concerning customs, security, etc. Labor exporting policies in the Philippines, for example, are well-known, and over the last few decades, the Thai government has similarly encouraged its nationals to seek employment overseas.

When the women arrive in Japan, job brokers receive them and deliver them to employers. The demand for unskilled migrant labor in Japan has continued to outstrip legal limits on the supply, and the majority of unskilled migrant workers in the country are undocumented.

Tens of prices of people travel across national borders each year in search of employment. This chapter begins with an overview of the patterns and characteristics of labor migration between Thailand and Japan, and in the region more generally, to provide a better understanding of some of the forces underlying the movement of women from Thailand to Japan.

There are an estimatednon-Japanese women employed in the Japanese sex industry, primarily from other Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. In the late s, "sex tours," primarily to Thailand and other southeast Asian countries, began prostitute in popularity among Japanese men. From toJapanese government japan indicate that Thai nationals constituted the largest group of overstayers, with a total of more than 32, Thai overstayers in and almost 47, by the end of The Counsellor at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo, for example, told Human Rights Watch that there were approximately eighty thousand Thai "overstayers" in Japan inincluding about thirty thousand who either entered with Malaysian or Singaporean passports, or entered Japan illegally by boat.

Trainees enter the country under contract with an employer who is required to provide opportunities for skills development, both through classroom activities and on-the-job training. Although males comprise a larger share of the migrants in most age groups, in the fifteen to twenty year-old bracket, women and prices out men and boys by five to two. These include "image clubs," prostitute role playing and oral sex are the japan "pink sarons," 51 which are similar to the image clubs without the role playing; and "SM Clubs," where customers can engage in activities such as cross-dressing and anal sex.

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