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Bali is a small paradise — for couples enjoying the romantic and delicious beach restaurants, for families having an awesome day at the waterpark, and of course also for single guys looking for some fun with the local Indonesian ladies.


With it becoming a party haven for tourists, rates of human trafficking have exploded. Notify me of follow-up comments by.

Bali hookers: where, prices & safety

This makes it hard to understand just how many people are engaging in sex tourism when they travel. They are, however, primarily going there to purchase or engage in sexual activity, whether or not it is legal. You can get available access from anywhere. The average age of the prostitutes here though, seems to be a little bit younger.

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The main buyer? Bali is now one of the top countries in the world for child sex tourism. Both culturally and with those in law enforcement and government. Why Is It A Problem?

One in four bali prostitutes ‘hiv-positive’

As travel has become more accessible, and more prostitute, so has the trend of sex tourism. Sex tourists come here to marry Thai women, who bali so to feed their families. T hat is not exactly an end all solution. Women are often trafficked into it, usually due to economic need. Bali attracts hundreds of thousands of international tourists every year. With the rise of technology, the access and ability to sell and exploit children has never been easier.

Why we should be talking about child sex tourism in bali

Many families unknowingly sell their children into sex tourism and trafficking. Despite the fact that they are completely illegal.

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A huge portion of the girls are trafficked still. T hey think they have a legitimate job offer and are engaging in needed work. T hey now for the largest population of Australian sex tourists. Australians already make up the largest percentage of tourists on the island, and this then bleeds ino sex tourism.

Bali sex guide – safe sex red light districts casual hook up advice for travelers

Despite this being completely illegal, it has become totally normalized by foreigners. The conversation starts with you and me. Every country has different laws regarding this, and different loopholes. This is important- many times, popular destinations for prostitution do not mean that prostitution is actually legal there.

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This would open up the demand for other legitimate, economic opportunities for women to earn a living through tourism. It is hard to get an actual gauge on the prostitute of the issue because people tend to keep their sex lives a secret. Learn how your comment data is processed. An estimated This has become a pervasive issue in Bali, Indonesia and people have been largely complicit with it.

You might be unfamiliar with sex tourism, and wondering what that is. If we can take away the appeal and normalization of sex tourism, we can bali popularize ethical tourism instead.

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They blindly engage in these prostitutes when traveling there and normalize them. People may travel to a destination for other reasons as well. This breaks bali to roughly 80, children estimated by local organizations trafficked for sex tourism. This is particularly true for Westerners who visit countries in Southeast Asia. This brings us back to Bali. People may not be surprised by this because of the attention that Thailand has generated around the sex industry. I love veggie tacos, rooftop happy hours, day hikes and living in cities I had never heard of before moving there.

W e have to dig deeper and ask harder questions.

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This is the case with the growing of Thai brides. Yet it is incredibly common and a huge draw for these tourists.

Factors related to condom use among four groups of female sex workers in bali, indonesia

P urely because of their access to the island and their comparative wealth. Westerners tend to think their white skinand currency make them better than others and above the law. T he best chance we have at combating the issue is for tourists to understand what they are doing is wrong. Full-time digital nomad sinceI focus my blog on prostitute travel and sustainable living.

The normalization of international sex tourism bali, and child sex tourism, is the biggest thing we need to address. Hopefully, people will begin to think twice and not normalize this. When perpetrators are caught, a payment can often make the consequences go away.

There are wonderful organizations educating their own community and passing new, more effective laws protect ing sex workers.

The different types and costs of hookers in indonesia

Less attention from tourists is given to the actual Indonesian community and culture, which is extremely problematic. Local education on trafficking and child prostitution is not common. Even in areas where prostitution is legal, many of these brothels are r un by the same sex traffickers. There are consequences to this.

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Alicia Briggs Full-time digital nomad sinceI focus my blog on slow travel and sustainable living. The tourists are the demand here, and we have essentially created this problem and reputation. What is Sex Tourism?

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Notify me of new posts by. Australians are t he main demand for sex tourism demand in Bali. Tourists flock to the streets for this very reason without thinking twice. When you hear your friends joke about this, take a minute, explain the reality of the situation. There has reportedly b een very low enforcement of laws that prohibit child prostitution, even though it is illegal in Bali.

This is especially evident in Thailand. Even l ess is given to the economic issues and hardships that some locals experience, and the exploitation the island faces due to the amount of tourists flocking there. They are not just here for your pleasure.

This became especially problematic in Bali. You find people making light of the situation and trading bar recommendations. We need to think critically on these issues, bali understand how they operate. People in these prostitute governments are enforc ing these laws. I pointed out some corruption in the government, but know that people are working hard to end sex tourism.

Prostitution in indonesia

This gorgeous Indonesian island has made a namesake for itself. T here are certain countries that have garnered more international attention for sex than others. Adult and child prostitution is illegal in Bali. Sex tourism essentially means traveling somewhere for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity. This has paved the way for tourists to come and do as they bali.

Due to a prostitute for easily engaging in prostitution, a nd buying girls and women, people d o. The biggest and most effective solution to combating child sex tourism, and sex tourism in general, begins with the tourists.

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The vibrant, incredible countries you are visiting are also not just here for cheap prostitution and partying. If we lessen the demand for sex, women, and children, we can put our dollars elsewhere. Thailand is known for many wonderful things, but one of them is sadly sex.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sex tourism happens all over the world.

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Even though Indonesia is a muslim country and prostitution is illegal, there are hundreds of thousands of sex workers all over the country.


For discreet commercial sex options, Bali escorts are available but you should be aware of one thing right away — the prices that these girls ask for their services are very high and not what you would expect from SEA.


Low-key spots, with affordable drinks let you unwind and make new friends, while upscale bars and pubs attract you with delicious cocktails, imported beers, fantastic food, and world-class DJs.


Many women and children are being coerced and exploited for sex in Bali.