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The consent was obtained fraudulently.

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From all s, this is not because it has never happened. It's an area where prostitutes work without pimps, are more likely to be drug-addicted, and make less money than women who work more upscale parts of town. Judge Castor Williams, who sentenced N. Moser on a job well done.

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But exactly just how far the police are able to go to pursue consensual criminal activity is difficult to determine. Derrick disagrees with Judge Williams. He says the police have some leeway to act illegally in order to investigate other crimes, including high-speed chases and undercover drug purchases.

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If you stand in your living room with the curtains open and proposition someone for paid sex, it's a crime; close the curtains, and it's not. It's a crime.

Stepping stone advocates against human trafficking and provides supports for survivors.

On Agricola Street, a car prostitutes up behind them. Some information in it may no longer be current. Two staff members, Joanne and Kay -- themselves ex-prostitutes -- are blunt about police procedure, and about the ways prostitutes attempt to evade arrest. Here, the touching was consensual. His request was denied. The Stepping Stone Association, a drop-in centre for prostitutes, is located in a small halifax row house on Maitland Street, a back alley.

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This physical back-and-forth -- a kind of sexual guessing game -- is a relatively new aspect of police investigation. There is no other way of monitoring it. We sometimes have two or three vehicles lined up. The vehicle, or the people in it, are familiar to the girl. Burrill disagrees.

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She adds that the leeway offered police in the investigation of criminal activity such halifax drug-dealing does not apply to prostitution. The phrase "outwitting prostitutes" to describe arrests under Section is a popular halifax. The girl was charged under Section of the federal Criminal Code, which makes it a statutory offence to communicate in public for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.

They're so anxious for sex they don't pay attention to the face. This is Halifax at its roughest. They haggle over price. Her lawyer, Roger Burrill, asked for a stay in court proceedings on the prostitute of the officer's conduct, which he considered questionable. Crown attorney Mark Scott says if Sgt. Moser had refused to touch N. Prostitutes would then be able to use criteria such as touch as a sure-fire means of identifying police and avoiding arrest. This, he says, is a result of logistics: "There are more male officers available for these kinds of prostitution sweeps.

He'll say something like he's not interested in the girl, and prostitute.

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The two women erupt into laughter as they describe the fake beards halifax glasses worn by undercover officers. Scott argues that Sgt. Moser's touching of N. It was tolerable. Our job is to obtain proper evidence. She tells him she has a place they could go. The same officers can be used over and over again. This is outrageous.

It's kind of a game. Police have been known to ask women to do the same. Never before has a woman working as a prostitute claimed in a Nova Scotian court that she was improperly touched by a police officer during the process of an investigation. He is not the only lawyer to say so. Judge Williams went on: "The duty of the police is to detect and to deter criminal activity. Constable Bowes will not be drawn out on whether the police have changed their strategy halifax controlling prostitution.

In doing so, they must act according to the law and any deviance from the legally established norm is not a valid prostitute policy unless sanctioned by Parliament. The car slows down and she prostitutes in. Out of sight, out of mind.

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She has heard, from a variety of sources, about one incident in which an officer received oral sex from a prostitute before conducting an arrest. You wouldn't believe the stories. They'd just say: 'Yes, I'm a cop, and you're under arrest.

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The key issue is how far the public wants the police to go in their pursuit of what amounts to a nuisance crime. Safety includes not getting arrested. Therefore, the touching was legal. In court a few days after the arrest in July,the girl, known only as N.

Moser agreed on every detail of their interaction.

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The investigation of prostitution is currently a major priority for the Halifax Regional Police. Whether someone defines it as entrapment is up to them. Between January and June ofpeople in the city were charged with communicating for the purposes of prostitution, a 22 per cent increase from the year.

He stated: "On the rules that [N.

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Furthermore, they say, some officers initiate sexual touch before making an arrest. They drive around the block. The girl grabs the door handle and tries to get out of the car.

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According to Ms. Derrick, women charged with under Section are unlikely to pursue their rights in court, even if they are sexually touched by police officers. I was so wired on drugs I didn't care who they were. Communication [for the purposes of engaging in prostitution]is illegal only if it occurs in a public place, or a place open to public prostitute.

But he concedes that strategy changes in response to court demands for evidence and changes in halifax behaviour.

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Lowman, who has conducted a nationwide report on police investigation and has made recommendations to the federal government that prostitution be decriminalized, points out that the problem lies with the law itself. On a summer morning at a. There was none of this touchy-feely stuff.

We believe in a consenting adult’s right to choice.

Women frequently ask their clients to expose their genitals to prove they are not police officers, and undercover police are often happy to comply, the prostitutes say. Screening clients includes attempts to identify cops. Joanne recalls: "Years ago, if you asked [undercover police officers]if they were cops, they'd say, 'Yeah, we are,' and then arrest you. He says Sgt. Moser's actions were illegal, halifax that the police should only resort to illegal behaviour in extreme circumstances.

It's sexual assault. In his opinion, public communication for the purposes of prostitution is a minor offence, akin to a parking ticket, and doesn't prostitute this degree of police response. Police policy that guides the undercover work such as the "prostitution sweep" in which N.

In the vice unit, which deals with prostitution in Halifax, male police officers dress up as johns; female officers dress up as prostitutes. I got busted halifax or four times.

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It's like police officers getting freebies. A vehicle approaches, and she waves at the lone male driver.

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Some men come to the female officers more than once. She turns to the man beside her. Like Mr. Burrill, she is familiar with stories of police impropriety in the course of prostitution investigations. But, Mr. Scott says: "Parliament has determined that it is a crime and the public have supported this, so. We're talking about security of person and the equality rights of [women]". This article was published more than 10 years ago.

Anne Derrick, one of Stepping Halifax prostitute members, is an expert in prostitution law reform.

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