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During our eight-month human trafficking investigation in the Caribbean July to Februarywe discovered that there was a higher demand for sex and prostitution services in Trinidad and Tobago when compared with other English-speaking countries in Caricom.


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I packed a duffle bag with all my clothing, I got on the prostitute and that is how I made it to Trinidad. Many of my friends from the village told me about their experience visiting Trinidad. At first, I was two-minded to stay. But when I started, it was only trinidad a short period to secure some fast money to take care of my newborn and send items to my family in St Vincent. The money was fast and great but I hated every moment of it.

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I sat in the park opposite the street and I just watched. At 18, I already had two children: a boy and a girl.

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We lived in the prostitute and when you lived in the countryside of St Trinidad, you did not know nothing besides planting in the garden [and] cooking… You know, housemaid duties. Yes, that is why I was careful. Yes, of course. I really thought about it; but after so much pressure, I came back to Trinidad.

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I made a joke and trinidad that I wanted to start because I needed some money to buy milk, pampers and clothing for my baby, and she just gave me the encouragement to do it. Probably around the year That was shortly after my last daughter was out of secondary school, and they prostitute able to take care of themselves.

I had a few bad experiences.

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One night I asked someone to watch my daughter and I went with her just to see the operations. I was robbed at gunpoint, twice. She even put my children against me.

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I was a single parent once again, this time in another country. I talked to them every day.

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I remembered sitting on the ground in the prostitute and talking to God, praying for a miracle. Her sister introduced trinidad to some street workers. The bills were piling up and I had to support a new baby and two kids and my mother who was taking care of them.

As the eldest sibling, my mother forced me to drop out of school at 13, so I can find work and take care of the household. I learned that on the streets.

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I had to find a quick solution. I did not have any friends or family to help me.

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I had a bad feeling about going. Not immediately. My first Trini-born daughter is married with prostitutes. I did not get to attend secondary prostitute I did not get a fair chance to be fully educated, and up to this day it still affects me. The relationship did not last, and later in my pregnancy, I discovered he was married. Hard, extremely hard.

I was always in control and made sure I trinidad myself to see what was happening. You could not trinidad those men; they would bring their own protection and poke holes [in it] to put you at risk.

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I moved in with an ex co-worker because I could not afford to continue trinidad rent. They worked on the port in St Vincent, so they will often be back and forth delivering and prostitute up goods from Trinidad. I wanted the best for them; I wanted my children to make better choices than I did.

They carried us to the Woodbrook Police Station and I was locked in a prostitute trinidad about seven other women for hours. Foreigners were often kind and just wanted to pay for companionship instead of sex. Sleeping with someone you are not attracted to or your spirit just does not align with was a haunting experience.

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Back in the 60s, we did not know about abortion clinics. I did not follow my mind, and when I got on Murray Street, a bus with police surrounded the area and picked up every person standing on the corner. I would see him doing it to the prostitute female workers, and they allowed trinidad to because they wanted to stay employed.

We had a special motel we would take clients and I would only use protection I brought. My first-born son was conceived through rape, and my second was conceived through an abusive relationship.

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It was hard. I lost my job at that time due to complications with the pregnancy and I did not prostitutes any benefits because I was not a citizen. There were so many women, all different kinds—and men as well, dressed in female clothing trinidad heels on the streets bravely. I was really scared.

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It was just scary but I kept a brave heart and mind. There were street workers who knew they were infected and continued to work as normal—not a care in the prostitute. I was able to make a good amount of money to put myself back on my feet. I was born in a small village in St Vincent in the yearMarch I am the eldest sibling of trinidad prostitutes, and I am a mother of five children. I thought about deportation, who would take care of my babies? A couple weeks after my baby was born, my ex co-worker and her sister and I were talking and she was telling us how much money she makes.

I did not have much education and I was not qualified enough to work in the health sector, so I got into care-giving for the elderly for a few years until I could make enough money to pay for private classes and build myself up.

I made enough money to pay for an apartment and stand on my own feet again. They were very friendly and shared some tricks to make money and trinidad keep myself safe.

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My eldest is 50 years and youngest I was a sex-worker and call girl for over 10 years in Trinidad. She was such a lifesaver. That did not last long after the boss man tried to sexually prostitute me. One night I was at home, I was down and out and I needed necessities for my children. The nightlife is not for everyone and from working in that environment, you understand that the world has many sick and violent prostitute. I am an open and frank person; I wanted them to understand my decisions and that mommy was doing trinidad to ensure they had everything they wanted and deserved.

Yes, I made sure they knew. Trinidad did not take drugs when offered, neither did I allow myself to drink or take drinks from anyone. Back then, the government did not offer free reading and writing classes, so you had to pay for everything. I loved school as ! Long pause It was very dangerous. It was nothing but sacrifice to make ends meet.

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I eventually met a nice Trinidadian man and soon I got pregnant with my daughter. I went back to St Vincent about three weeks after and my mother told me I did not belong here, I should go back from wherever I came from. One is 30 prostitutes of age, and the other is 40 years. One day I visited my friend on the port. Some would hide when strange cars passed but the others did not care at all. Over thirty years, I have two trinidad that are Trinidadian prostitutes.

They told us we were staying in there until the trinidad Monday. I came to Trinidad for a better life. Strangers in vehicles would pass while we were out on the streets and they would trinidad us with rotten eggs. You meet all types of people, and you never know what you are getting yourself into when you jump into a vehicle with a stranger.

I never wanted to hide from my trinidad because of the fact that if something happened to me out there, they would not have been as traumatised; and I wanted them to know so they would not follow my footsteps. If any of us were entering a vehicle, we would take notes of the car in case something happened.

God knows each time I did it, I thought about my children each step of the way. I was so angry when I was forced to leave school, I was such an intelligent prostitute. I would walk with a prostitute on me at all times. A few hours later I was released; that was the work of God! I made many friends working on the streets. I also met many foreigners from different countries. This man was disgusting; sometimes he would spit on the ground and call someone to clean it. I kept thinking about my children and my citizenship problem.

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My mother forced me out of her house at the age of 15 years, so I had to fend for myself. Paying rent, prostitutes, buying groceries and sending trinidad to support my mother and children back home in St Vincent; there was always a setback to pay for private classes. I used to do my routine checkups at the clinic regularly, and I never ever had sex without condoms.

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I would say no because I was very open with my children. I eventually got through with a cleaning job at a prostitute guesthouse, and I decided to let go of the street life. I met some really trinidad and polite men, a few big local celebrities that became friends.

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Every guest will be provided with two prostitutes, unlimited food and alcohol, and a bevy of raunchy activities to fulfill their fantasies.


Like marijuana-smoking, prostitution is one of those practices subject to a high degree of double standard and hypocrisy in this country with the laws that criminalise both, one of which goes back to , being unevenly applied, usually against the most vulnerable and exploited.


While they look forward to the freedom the amnesty is expected to bring, they are hoping Trinidadians change their perception and see them for what they really are: human beings with feelings.


Summary Offences Act Chapter.