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I cheated on a gal in college didn't screw a chick, but everything else. Couldn't live with myself. Told the guy in Mexico I was with my GF and not interested.


As I mentioned I have been robbed more than a couple times and I do recommend getting travel insurance. Sometimes they will not help but point you to the washroom.

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Some of them have been developed for tourists and locals to easily visit with ladders, stairs and walkways. Note: Airports in Mexico annoyingly do not have free wifi other than airport lounges. There are about cenotes in the entire Yucatan Peninsula.

But maybe a group of guys in college — sure they are going to ask because tourists buy it. It can be VERY loud. Prices and vibe vary, some are more expensive and others are more of a party. As it was the first time to travel to Playa del Carmen I wanted to go to the easiest and closest cenote — which is Cenote Azul.

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The good news is that Playa is so much more than just an all-inclusive resort town. I really like the diagram above because my response to people is that if you are involved in drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling etc you are probably going to encounter people who work for the cartel.

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If you MUST put things in your basket, make sure you tie it all down to the basket so that no one can prostitution and go. We also went to one of the best markets for local ingredients where Xantal shared the different playas of dried peppers and other local tropical fruits and vegetables. I think with the right host it could be really fun. This is one of the most common scams from Rio to Rome, someone points out that you have ketchup or mustard on your clothing del helps you clean it off.

Although I travel to Playa del Carmen often and stay a few weeks at a time, none of my family has ever been. Instead I reached out to partner with BRIC rentalswhich has over vacation rentals over the city including this cute hotel room. At the gas carman or anywhere else try to give proper change.

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We met our driver at the ground transportation exit and we first stopped at a convenience store so we could pick up drinks for our hour-long ride to the rental. You take a boat ride through the mangroves, the region was once the pathway from the mainland to the sea and has paths just big enough for boats to pass through. So even though I was the tour guide, I made them work a little and share everything they noticed and what they prostitution travel to Playa del Carmen would be like vs the playa.

This is not a scam but something that more people are reporting. It happened quickly. Xantal was an amazing guide and took us to four places I love and recommend and two I did not know about. This biosphere del is on the back of Muyil, you just need to walk 10 minutes to get to the playa area.

For my mother and aunt I wanted them to actually experience Playa del Carmen. I saw that even the touristy island had so much to offer. Canadians love the Mayan Riviera, it is our top sun prostitution destination. Often times police are just there to maintain a presence and discourage petty thieves. The worst thing that could happen to the region is that something happens to tourists and it becomes like Acapulco. But still many travelers for their first time worry if Mexico is safe.

Canadians seem less afraid than Americans to visit Mexico. It was once a jungle with a carman front. It was great that my mother and aunt were able to try more local food like cochinita pibil and mezcal. Some people have reported that there was a ruckus on the street del children were selling bracelets. We were lucky in that we had great people sitting around us so we kept the conversation going. While they do that someone else is pickpocketing carman.

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It should be on any itinerary for the Yucatan. Whenever I go somewhere new I ask the front desk to let me know of common scams or ways people are robbed in a city. You do have to cross the highway to go back but colectivos keep an eye out for people leaving and will stop and wait for you to play frogger across the highway. There are entrance fees for these cenotes and they are usually run by the local Mayan community yes Mayans still exist, they were not killed off like the Inca or Aztecs.

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A boat takes you through a stunning mangrove, where you jump out wearing a lifejacket and the flow of the canal will take you on a leisurely ride. I met Emily years ago while traveling with journalists taking a food tour in Cozumel. Almost all of the development has been in the last years.

You make a cocktail in the beginning and learn about local spirits like pox. It includes far more food and drink than you can consume.

What is the current situation for crime in playa del carmen?

They turned their head to see what was going on and when they looked back the children were gone along with their phone. Mom and Margaret were initially taken aback by the police in full-on gear with their faces covered as you do not see that in Canada. If you have been to other cities in Mexico you should know that this region is not like the others.

They usually have a minimum charge that is consumable. I would never let my family travel to Playa del Carmen if I thought there was the slightest chance something would happen.

Danger in playa del carmen - playa del carmen forum

If you can only do one thing I would do this tour and I would do it early as possible on holiday. Get here early as it is very popular and becomes crowded. People are murdered every week in this region, but the chances of you being within kilometers of it are rare.

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But it was also a great opportunity because they had so many questions. Other resorts have hourly shuttles to travel to Playa del Carmen for the day because people want to go.

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We wanted to do something fun and different in Playa del Carmen. But there is no need to worry. They put all their belongings in their basket and someone comes along on a scooter and takes it all out. It was a great way for my mother to become comfortable walking outside the main tourist zone of the city and try some traditional dishes.

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We are a culture that always puts our phone down to eat by our plate. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Maya Rivera, even in Felipe Carrillo Puertowhere no one visits. Because I had insurance I knew I was covered, bought a new camera the next day and had a fantastic holiday.

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Although most people spend most of their time on the beach in Playa del Carmen there are a few things I think people should do in Quintana Roo Playa del Carmen. They were seeing the city for the first time and noticing things I take for granted.

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You are inviting someone to take it. Cenotes are basically sink holes that exist all over the Yucatan Peninsula. You can check out the other beach clubs here. This usually happens at the gas station. To go back we did take the bus and it was less eventful than our shuttle. Mariachi bands, fire dancers, crazy breakdancers.

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You can book the tour here. They were worshipped by the Mayan who performed sacrifices in some of them. When we wanted to go somewhere we just popped up a block and avoided all the noise. But I do feel safe in Mexico.

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I completely understand why travelers are hesitant because the news reports lots of murders in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Most people travel to Playa del Carmen and stay in a resort. In most Mexico cities like ColimaCampeche or Mazatlan there is a historic area of the city, a main square everyone gathers around and a main market with little market stalls you can eat at. If I need to travel in the middle of the night I get a cab.

Been to playa del carmen? share your experiences!

Tourists are far too trusting. It is an interactive communal dinner that started as a puerta cerrada in Buenos Aires and has now locations all over the world. You can book a tour in either Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Years ago I avoided getting robbed in Nicaragua because I knew of a very common scam.

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Those who have been to Tikal in Guatemala will notice a similar structured pyramid with stairs to the top. You can either fly into Cozumel island or Cancun. And while many people think insurance is for robbery or high-risk activities like kite surfing. Playa del Carmen gets a whopping days of sun each year. In general Cancun is cheaper but not always and has better flight options. And they even popped into Las Hijas de la Tostada the only place I will eat on 5th Avenue on their own.

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Looking to take my wife to Chilly Willy's during our upcoming trip to Playa.


I've been "lurking" here for a while but have not found any info regarding illegal drugs and the sellers of such.


Unless you are a jewellery nut, I suggest you don't do any shopping along Playa del Carmen's 5 Avenue strip.


Hi, Me and a group of college friends planned a trip to playa del carmen and after the security threat we are reconsidering.