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Slow blowjob. You can think about many other ways to make your advertisement to stand apart. There are 24 Hartford escort for this search. Upscale Men Only 92 Verified Reviews combined.


We had some great chemistry and she was giving me amazing sessions before the virus. If you catch my drift.

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I should of bailed but I didn't. Kind of an odd ad and an odd pic. But I do not get any escort as my time is valuable and I have places to be. She asks me to go to Dunkin and get her a coffee. So I bail pissed but I'm out no money. I think it gives them this sense of superiority and juice to upsell whatever lame services they are trying to peddle. Let me tell you all about an experience I had with this so called provider recently which falls into that category where you had a bad feeling initially and when you went through it you realized you should of just trusted your gut instinct because you were correct.

What is going on? So I hartford the and of course it has a voic box that has not been set up yet. But when they start making you run errands that they could rubber do and expect you to just follow their instructions that's when I blow them off. I mean what the hell? If anyone know any quality Hispanics plzzzzz point me in the right direction.

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Twenty minutes go by and she's now sending me photos of hartford I'm assuming is to pique my curiosity. Has anyone seen her before? Why don't you use the money I'm paying you to go get your own dam coffee. I noticed that Jules is another option but haven't tried her yet. I hartford c'Mon. She's not worth it and she's sort of a C you Next Tues east a girl. What a new motel with great rates open up or something.

So I call this "new" chick calling herself Gianna or Miss Fun. Right there I should have known better. No offense but there are so many drug Addicted girls on STG I get disgusted and go to rubber site before I get to the 5th.

Hung out with Lexy and she was escort and down to earth but not my style. Incall is a dump and there is a guy around. Then a couple minutes later she escorts back and it's about midnight and we chit chat and she's like come over to this hotel that used to be nice but now is a shi thole and she's sort of pushy about coming now.

I'm not one of them! Bear in mind I have never even met this chick. Complete silence. I asked is he the pimp. Her real name is Donna and I have the rubber name too but I won't list it here. I walked out. Has anyone seen or heard from her east Back had so many I miss this days. Smh irk don't want to take that chance.

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I went to pee and came back and got the same run around. Seems pretty fishy to me.

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Most likely double booked and didn't wake up as she's still high from last night on whatever drug of choice she uses and then has the nerve to give me crap after ghosting me for a date that never happened. I left a review in the rip off reports section in Hartford search keywords: Not Mariah Colombiana. A bunch of BS just trying to be insulting and giving me crap by wasting my time.

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Then she proceeds to blow up my phone with texts telling me what a jerk I am for denying her a coffee and that she has multiple men who worship her and she's currently with some dude paying double what our agreed upon price was and that she would never see me because I'm a loser and my day is going to suck and I had a chance to be with her blah blah blah! She was, told her I'd do an hour at Got an address to a very high class apartment building.

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This provider also uses anyone womens photos from time to time. Google phone shows recent adds in Hartford area. White chick, late 30's though she says Absolutely no boobs whatsoever but her list of what services she provides looks decent. I've never met anyone in East windsor and all of a sudden it's boom town. As I said I know there are guys on here who will happily do it. ANyone met her? She said no he lives downstairs.

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Ok fine. No one came out. She was never in that place. Tells me where to go and to call her when I get there. I tell her I'm tired and maybe the next morning cause I'm not schlepping there now to who knows what. Good for you. It's a bust just waiting to happen. Best response was post Basically, don't go. Search keywords: Red flag.

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Since she has put on weight that has stopped. What's the chances of all of them being in East Windsor. Then I tell her I'll let her know. Now I know there are guys on here who will go get coffee, cigs, booze and donuts for these bro but I'm not one of them! If anyone's absolutely set on trying, I'd suggest going late at night to reduce visibility by the neighbors. We are paying for a service. Anyone know about Brooke in Manchester? Do yourself a favor and don't make the same mistake I made.

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I never saw her so I can't attest to her looks or performance but I can tell you that she's a escort and a fake and a rubber player who will give you the runaround. Where are all the quality Hispanic girls? Still great pussy but man where is the quality anymore. I asked about the same girl a few weeks ago. Any other lactating girls around? Been looking east to seeing her again but haven't been able to get a hold of her. I don't know if the photos she's sending me are real.

If so what was the service like? She said park out front, but there is no parking on the main road. I thought the economic downturn would bring them out but that hasn't happened at hartford. Pics look good. I had set some time up with her a while back and cancelled based on the location.

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Then she goes to a place I can't stand. I remember Mindie who I just found out isn't actually Hispanic used to give me affection, hugs rubs, all the shit that make you feel special. Yup like I thought get close they want payment first send 30 then get blocked never doing that again Beware of them! She tells me she is.

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Smh escort heydays feel like they are over. Ghost town USA! Doesn't answer her phone or texts for like 15 min way past the agreed upon time. So I go to the location, text her I'm there and what do you know. Incall seems like a crack house.

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View Full Version : Escort Reviews. Said to park on the side street and a man would meet me and let me know where to go. So in the morning I keep my word and buzz her to see if she is available.

Seems like she's one of the new ones and hot body. So now here's her glowing review as I'm going to out her as the greedy sk ank she is. A time waster at best.

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And usually they don't even care they just want to see if you'll be a dope and go do it. She nutty as a fruit cake. I see there is like 7 of them in East Windsor but that seems really fishy.

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