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Prostitution, described as exchanging sexual conduct for anything of value, is illegal in California. Understanding the differences between escorting and prostitution can prevent legal misunderstandings or even criminal charges. Under the law, an escort is very different than a prostitute. An escort agrees to either accompany a client to a social event or provide entertainment in exchange for money. If an escort agrees to sexual conduct or even describes what sexual acts they might perform to their client, they could face the criminal charge of soliciting prostitution.


The handing over of money is important, because it makes the person paying feel in control, not just of the sex, but of the emotional side. To you, independence and detachment means safety. This is important, too.

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In your letter you also mention your well-paid job. Reuse this content.

I think there are a few issues going on. But this time, escorts cannot be the answer, because you risk losing your relationship. Simply put: money equates to freedom, independence and autonomy.

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The thought of this makes me feel guilty and sad about my past, and about my ability to bond with my girlfriend sexually. I had a rather strained and difficult childhood, and experienced a lot of problems with anxiety and depression. I need to somehow get over my history in order to be more satisfied with my current relationship, but find myself stuck. In the midst of this, I was able to start dating, and built up the social skills and self-confidence to meet women on my own. Fri 3 Jan Should I forget her?

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As a result, I regrettably sought the services of escorts. Lots of fantasies stay as just that, but you know that yours are achievable: you have crossed that boundary and made them real.

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I have a well-paid job, so for a couple of years it was never difficult to arrange no-strings encounters with attractive women. Every week Annalisa Barbieri addresses a family-related problem sent in by a reader. There is probably something far in your past that means this has become important.

There were some contradictions in your letter.

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Comments on this piece are premoderated to ensure the discussion remains on the topics raised by the article. Although we have fulfilling sex, I find myself frequently daydreaming and reliving the encounters I had with these women.

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Where I have trouble is in adjusting from being with escorts to being with a girlfriend. I consulted Dr Stephen Blumenthala clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who specialises in helping people with psychosexual difficulties. Annalisa regrets she cannot enter into personal correspondence. How do I get over my past?

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I think some really focused therapy would pay dividends for your future now. Before meeting my girlfriend, I saw escorts. At times I am tempted to seek out their services again, even though I know I could never live with being unfaithful. When I grew up, I had few female friends, and a lot of difficulty with dating.

If you would like advice from Annalisa on a family matter, please send your problem to ask. Annalisa Barbieri. Before asking out my current girlfriend, whom I met at work, I stopped seeing escorts. But for you this has an extra layer. Please be aware that there may be a short delay in comments appearing on the site.


I never really had a serious relationship until now. Ask Annalisa Barbieri Family. We talked, at length, about why people pay for sex, and how this differs from, say, picking up a stranger for a one-night stand.

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I have never been unfaithful to her, and never intend to be. In your case, what is being reactivated is the part of your past that you are running away from, and for which the escorts were a coping mechanism. I want to make it clear that neither Blumenthal, nor I, are justifying or condoning sex work, but instead coming at this as neutrally as possible in order to help you.

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ONE reader is considering becoming an escort to make a bit of dosh, while another is worried about her flirting boyfriend.


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Being a part of the sex industry, now as a sex toy reviewer, but also ly as a cam girl and porn creator, has always put me in close proximity to escorts and other types of sex workers.


All my best advice for running your business without losing your mind.