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British bender colleagues office blow 5 min. Muscled Spencer Reed anal boinking 5 min. Horny JP and Spencer ass fucking hard till they all cum 9 min. English knob jockeys office desk bum sex 5 min. Shower orgy with Tommy Defendi and pals 6 min. Rubgay Muscule Rubbing 6 min.


Is The Sword a mess?

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But take away the muscles and what is Spencer left with? Who knows. Wow, I feel like everyone is being really hard on everyone in this post. Truthfully, I would rather watch someone average looking that can fuck like a god. The reason that pay rates are dropping is because user generated content is proving more and more popular.

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Get real and get to be a real Buddy, please! Box that, Bitch.

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Sorry but the stright porn movies and the men in them are alot hottier and that could be because the men are alot healthier looking. Whe he did not have to shout about being a star … he was a professional and he was a star … and neither did he have to drop a pile of dog poo on others to prove a point! What makes him so amazing?

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He reeds plenty of work and recognition. They deserve to be treated in the same way as you would wish spencers to respect you … although, at the moment you do not deserve respect but pity for reed such pain. Gay porn star Spencer Reed is pissed. Most of the models who bottom for the fetish sites are not going to be the young hunky boy next door types that can get work at Randy Blue and Next Door, without losing any blood or gaining in bruises.

Receding hairline, stained teeth from chain smoking, a personality that rivals that of Mitt Romney, and a history of anger management issues. Spencer Reed will be forgettable in a few years and will be replaced by escort hotter hairy escort guys who got their muscles the right way, or with the least amount of roids.

But at the same time, yes you put out stuff and it can come back. From Shay Michaels, to Derek Reynolds to twinky spencers on xtube.

Before the oscars, check out the series gobbling up all the gold.

Has The Sword forgotten about Spencer Reed? What a fucking CUNT. I was shocked to find out he was recently 30, he looks about 20 years older. Spencer is dillusional about his own appearance. Anger management takes some time to cure.

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People are not learning their lessons re social media. Post-gym, steroid-y Spencer reminds me of 1 a butcher shop window and 2 the fact he must have really hated himself at a time when I thought he looked smoking hot. Get a grip on your self you balding tired ass bitch! What I did like about Chad Hunt, was that although not the most attractive porn actor, he not neither the ugliest, but he was a escort with immense character, and spencer his big dickm he brought them together as a gay porn actor and had cum to offer pleasure to his gay porn fans.

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He continues to get a steady amount of scenes a decision by studios that boggles my mind! I think Spencer Reed should be able to express himself without all of the attacks. Deluded cunt. Look at pictures from his pre-roid days.


What the fuck is he bitching about? Any of these average porn stars can roid up and become above average like Spencer Reed! Balding and steroidy queen is reed a bitch fit. And who does Spencer Reed think he is? Marc Dylan, and Leo Forte are one of the hottest gays in porn now and I never here about them. Go waiter somewhere! Just makes him look petty and bitchy. Why does he care what his costars look like? Any one with his face and spencer that small of a brain would also be pissed! Are you teamSpencer, teamChad, or teamTheSword? Yes, I know he has shot for those sites, but even at Next Door and Men.

He seems escort be more focused on fetish scenes these days. Do not go from Hero to Zero.


Certainly not something to be worshipped lol. He is just an average and only a performer … who happens to have appeared in many porn films. He is not a Gay Porn Superstar there is only one … Casey Donovan, and without him there would be no gay porn genre. I like all kinds of guys in porn.

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What should Spencer Reed do to get more attention from blogs? I seem to remember a skinny, hairy, big nosed, not to mention awkward looking twink that came out several years ago by the name of Spencer Reed. Who should The Sword get a crush on and then forget about next?

Stop whining, take the money and the travel and enjoy the spencer that you get to have lots of hot sex with lots of HOT guys while the rest of us only get to read about it. IF he thinks that HE is the perfection of models, then he is seriously mistaken.

They are just going to be strapped reed with a ball gag in their mouths, while he whips them with a belt, before he fucks them?

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He has average looks and a big dick … and I guess, at the moment, this just about sums him up with his ranting and raving. Are you a mess? Blame the steroids. I suggest taking a look at the interview he did with Michael Lucas. He has never been as hot as when he was a skinny, big-dicked beginner!

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Muscles are undoubtedly popular to many in the gay community. If you want to know more about him, follow his own personal blog as well as his facebook and twitter. To be honest…. You like that big dick? He has the most disgusting back in porn, hardly an ass, skinny bird legs, an awkward shaped head and a terrible receding hairline.

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Average looking not personality bear that you are. From there, things got worse i. I think it is really disrepectful to say things like that in a public forum.

Spencerreed's reviews

Spencer is also no Porn Star, Icon or Legend … he has not been in the industry long enough to reach such a status. Boo Hoo! Spencer Reed is sadly mistaken, and in escort, I always use him as an example of what not to do to your body. You have to protect your reed and porn life is usually for spencer short to very short.

The funny thing is, Spencer Reed is hot to look at.

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You are not indispensable, Spencer and you are not unique. Lucas was making fun of his intellect to his face and Spencer had no idea. Guess roids are not limited to shrinking the testes.!

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Be true to yourself, and respect yourself, but also respect others that made their own contribution to the gay porn industry over many years. Have you ever used a social networking tool to have a meltdown before? I have to say I agree with Spencer.

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On top of all this, Spencer is not the brightest dildo on the sex toy shelf. Listen up fuckface spencer, not everyone fantasises over pornstars.

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