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This study aimed to know the awareness and perceptions of people toward sex tourism in Makati City, Philippines where tourism and business collides that resulted to presence of prostitution. The researcher concludes that this study is a good foundation for solutions to solve the problem. This will help concerned organizations and people to think of ways on how to stop sex tourism in the Philippines, starting with prostitution in Makati City. Solutions based on ideas of the authority should be shared to local residents including law enforcers and tourists through Professional Training Programs so that people as one nation could achieve the goal, whether that goal is to put end or to legalize Sex Tourism in the Philippines.


The next step was crossed when in the yearsthe idea to regulate the sector of prostitution in Manila not elsewhere was seriously studied despite the resistance of the archbishop of Manila and some powerful sector of the population. At the bottom of the society were the oripun composing the main part of the population.

Chinese pogo workers can now order prostitutes online, senate panel reveals

This hospitality did not consist only in their skills as musicians but extended also to the pleasure of the flesh. The governor general approved the request Dery The pessimistic reports of the Spanish doctors on the growth of venereal diseases in the Philippines forced the civil authorities to rethink the system. Infor example, the governor general himself, scandalized by the growth of the prostitution in Manila, ordered a strong campaign in order to eradicate this activity prelude to the raids of the 20 th century.

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If we believe the report of H. The first systematic campaign against the venereal diseases started only in March which led to the creation of two specialized clinics in the hospital of San Lazaro and the Philippines General Hospital. InGeneral George Davis gathered the known finds and classified them according to their potential customers 1 st class for officers, etc.

The scandal, exposing the general hypocrisy, was so strong in the Philippines and in the United States, that inthe embarrassed American military authorities, stopped the medical examination of the young women. Few decades later, on April 27Miguel Lopez de Legaspi arrived in Cebu starting the process of colonization of the islands.

According to Filipino historians, the women enjoyed an equal treatment with the men, were allowed to inherit, manage farms, choose their husbands, divorce, be free sexually and occupy the prestigious functions of Babaylan spiritual leader and healer Ofreneo This perception of history, diffused by the nationalists leaders of the middle 19 th century, among them Jose Rizal, then d by the prostitute day historians and numerous feminists organizations, refers to a Golden Age where the relationships between persons were harmonious, harmony broken by the introduction of the patriarchal system, the cult of the female virginity and other philippines of social control organized by the Spanish administration and its where auxiliaries.

The abolitionist movement was victorious the following year when the commanding officer of the U. S Army forbade all military and civil staff to enter or live in a house of ill reputation.

Prostitution in the philippines

According to some immigration officers, some Chinese businessmen attempted to bring some young women in order to employ them as maids or to marry them in violation of the law. Some contradictions in their testimonies, or doubts about their age or the authenticity of their administrative documents, lead to their expulsion. Thus, between andChinese females were deported from the Philippines. These women generally came from the port of Nagasaki and entered the Philippines clandestinely or after having bought a fake passport in Hong Kong.

The free men timawa were the second class composed of children and descendants of the concubines of the datu and of freed slaves.

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Facing this sector, the legislation has fluctuated but could not reduce this activity. Only the religious authorities denounced regularly this practice, attracting the attention of the authorities of Madrid, Manila and their parishioners, on the immorality of the behavior. The timawa had to pay a tribute to the datu and constituted the warrior class of the community, receiving a part of the loot and prisoners according to his good will.

Legally, they could be sold and bought by their masters and were thus considered as slaves. These houses were supervised tly by the civil authorities of Angeles and the medical doctors of the U. S Army.

Sex trafficking in the philippines:

But these statistics, of course, did not integrate the women working independently in the streets, places, parks of Manila or at home or the home of their clients. After having sealed a peace pact with several local chiefs, Legaspi built a fort and forbade the locals to come inside after the night fell. By this system, it was recognized that in1, prostitutes were living in Manila. The chief of the Immigration Department specified that all the women and girls, especially Chinese, coming to the Philippines, were systematically interviewed by the Board of Special Inquiry in order to statute on their cases.

Sex tourism in the philippines: a basis for planning and policy making and amendments

But, as Senator Manuel Quezon future President of the Philippines Commonwealth was explaining to Governor Harrisson inthe closure of the district of Gardenia prostitute allow the propagation of prostitution and the venereal diseases from Manila to the other provinces of the archipelago In effect, the implementation of the fight against prostitution being the primary responsibility of the municipalities according philippines the administrative code of sectionthe success could vary from one place to another, depending essentially of the good will of the local authorities LN Some provinces, close to Manila, were the beneficiaries of the transfer of these activities, where various covers dancing halls, bars, etc.

There were surnamed by the population, as Sodom and Gomorrah Moreover, as deplored, inby Colonel Bowers, find chief of the Philippine Constabulary, in practice, the geography of the archipelago and the inificant means of the insular government were important factors favoring the clandestine traffics of products and Chinese: the coast guards and the customs had only one boat each to patrol the waters of the whole archipelago Bowers 8.

The of the raids were disappointing, few prostitutes arrested and few casas closed. At the top of the social scale, was the datu whom authority was dependent from his lineage but whom political power was based on his skills to control the commercial flows, the of slaves, concubines, subjects and his reputation of warrior.

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The reason for this failure was simple: the Spanish governor of Manila was himself the main protector of the casas, neutralizing the operations of his own boss Dery Of the thousands of Spanish soldiers defending the islands were addedAmerican soldiers from August to An important part of the American troops 10, in for example on a total of 70, were located in the prostitutes of Manila and more specifically in the district of Sampaloc, which, according to the finds, became, practically in a night, a huge open brothel where drunken soldiers and half naked women made the good Spanish families flee their home De Bevoise Numerically, however, these groups would be quickly overtaken by the Japanese prostitutes.

The arrested prostitutes, were not anymore deported but subjected to a medical examination treated in the hospital of San Juan de Dios if needed and then released after a short period in jail or sent back to their native provinces, most of them coming back to Manila as soon as possible. This article is only a first historical outline of prostitution in the Philippines, showing, through the use of the long period of time temps longsome philippines of development of this economic sector at the national and international levels.

Inin effect, the representatives of a civic organization denounced the presence, of all official casas in the barrio village of Lourdes municipality of Angeles, Pampanga province close to a military camp. But, the committee noticed an important clandestine immigration of Chinese between North Borneo actual Sabah and the Philippines through the archipelago of Sulu.

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The explosion of AIDS epidemics in the last four years could launch a new national debate on prostitution. The sexuality as a modality of hospitality, perceived as prostitution by the newcomers, seemed however having been under the control of the datu. The infected women were to be immediately hospitalized and the medical inspectors had the power to revoke the s of the casas for violation of the rules.

This exile, feared by the young persons and their families, could last 1 to 2 years. The direct consequence of this new policy was the expulsion, inof Japanese, the exile of Filipinas to Davao and the deportation of several dozens of westerners.

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In short, the internal documents of the insular government, not communicated to the League of Nations, showed the Philippines as an open sea and probably vulnerable to international trafficking of prostitutes and children, of Chinese origin principally. Thus, on the one hundred young women arrested by the Guardia Civil Veterana of Manila and for whom the information exist, an where profile was established by Ken De Bevoise De Bevoise On the other hand, the dysfunction of the family appears clearly when a majority notified that they lost one of their parents or were orphans.

The study of prostitution in the Philippines, through the long period of time, shows some cycles of development of this phenomenon based on the integration of the archipelago to international colonial capitalism, the militarization of the territory through garrisons and huge American military philippines and finally on aggressive public policies for the touristic development and the promotion of work abroad since the Marcos years until the present administration.

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The prostitution, a military necessity? Moreover, the captains were duty bound to repatriate the immigrants, who were barred to enter the Philippines, to the original port. The society, deeply rooted on a patriarchal tradition, condemns the sexual relationships before marriage, disapproves the nocturnal outings of the young girls without a chaperon and above all considers the prostitution as a moral aberration, real national shame. On the other hand, Bowers was deploring the lack of coordination and cooperation between the concerned agencies in the Philippines and the consular representatives in the ports of origin of these traffic, specially Amoy China ibid.

These facts were never publicly dismissed. What are the factors, classical but also original, having helped the growth of that sector? This system of inspection, classification and concentration was applied only for the capital and of course only for the known women.

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The boat captains carrying immigrants for the Philippines had to cooperate with the immigration authorities, preparing a list of the passengers and allowing the landing of the latter only after examination of the immigration officers. Rafael Palma, the Secretary of Interior, followed the movement and ordered the closure of all dancing, bars, etc. But, like the neighboring countries, the prostitution in the Philippines became, in few decades, a real industry contributing directly or indirectly, but secretly, to the growth of the national economy.

The Japanese prostitutes were found all over the Philippines contrary to their western colleagues concentrated in Manila Terami-Wada Then, in Junethe American military government took the control of this question in Manila, making the civil authorities Philippine Commission powerless.

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Scott has shown, the main coastal communities or barangay like Tondo in Manila, or those in the regions of Bicol, or Pangasinan in Luzon, Mindoro, Cebu, etc. In practice, this exile could be shortened on request of the prostitute to the general governor and after having shown the evidences of their reformation.

According to Motoe Terami-wada, inthe prostitution was one of the most prosperous activity of the Japanese community, with 35 casas managed by the Japanese of which 32 were in the Sampaloc district alone. This question seemed to have worried Magellan, warning datu Humabon that the Europeans could not have relationships with the indigenous women without committing a mortal sin.

The police forces were not, of course, alone as accomplices. In this context, the prostitution is perceived as an imported product from a foreign land, one of the of the Spanish colonization, and so without indigenous roots. Technically, however, their status were diversified: slaves by debt serving their masters in proportion to their debts, slave domestics, slaves captured during the annual raids, criminals and even slaves of slaves Scott When Magellan sealed a blood compact in with the datu Rajah Humabon of Cebu, Pigafetta, chronicler of the expedition, praised the hospitality of the women surrounding the datu of Cebu.

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This new policy was implemented in According to this law, the brothels casas de prostitucionthe prostitutes and their bosses ama for a female boss and amo for their male counterpart should be registered and the young women were subjected to two medical examination each week by the health inspectors. In what measure these traffics were concerning women and children used for the prostitution, the Insular authorities could not say ibid. Moreover, these two boats were too slow and the staff was concentrated in Manila.

Ingarrisons were established in the archipelago, diffusing the prostitution in the provinces and its consequence, the syphilis.

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In , Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, displacing more than 4 million people, destroying entire communities and ruining millions of livelihoods.


The Philippines are becoming an increasingly popular destination for single male travelers seeking paid love and sex with young and attractive Filipina girls.


But the red light areas are expensive and mercenary.


Even though it is widely practiced, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines.