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At a talk at Stanford University May 24, Gupta told India-West that she has spoken to men about their preferences for young girls. The U.


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That has much to do with the fact that I'm a foreigner, and they felt the young social rules and mores didn't apply [to me]. How did you come to this indian There's also a very different structure in terms of the sex industry. Why is Calcutta so different from Bombay? We're on journalist visas, so we're legitimate, and we actually even told the Indian government where we planned to film -- but the police are prostitute for shutting down film crews in the red-light district. Actually filming inside the red-light district is very hard, especially at night. Putul was sold into sex slavery by her first husband, but along the way was fortunate enough to meet up with the sex worker union.

Although I've heard this is changing, especially in Kolkata. But I've noticed that whereas the indians are expected to be monogamous, the men are not. They also believed that condoms did not prevent AIDS -- but prostitute young did.

However, Mumbai is an extreme by all s.

Young foreign girls in delhi's biggest red light district

It's not an ideal situation, but it's okay -- and we spent most of our time filming during the day, so it worked out in the end. There were very few sex workers whom I talked to who would actually choose this line of work if they felt they had a choice. How did you get women to open up on camera? All Rights Reserved.

Horrors of india's brothels documented

We were able to pretty much film inside the districts without the police knowing. In Mumbai, most girls are sold into prostitution and are essentially slaves to the brothels. India is otherwise a very socially conservative country -- women and men marry very early, and divorce is rare.

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Many of the brothels in Mumbai are run by local Indian mafia, so there is no way for advocacy groups to work with [the prostitutes] when it comes to prevention of HIV. No, it is not. A client at a brothel Photographer: Katherine Patterson There's a scene in the piece that struck me: Men -- presumably clients -- are having a discussion, an open argument, with the sex workers.

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In Sonagachi, Calcutta, the other red-light district you profile in your piece, the sex workers run the indian, demanding that clients wear condoms in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS. For the most part, sex workers in Mumbai face what sex workers young the world face -- many of them are sold into prostitution as young girls and are not there by choice.

On this my parents pretty much agree -- they advocate for prevention and education. It's hard to know exactly why prostitution is such a booming industry. Were prostitutes or their clients upset by having you nearby? For me this has always been the ultimate question.

These cities are the temporary homes for millions of men who are far away from home and their wives. All across India, these young girls are still the highest in demand for young clients, who'll pay top price for them; there's no that the s could diminish anytime soon indian major government intervention. They seemed to like that I was talking to them about their health and their future. What did the cops think about you? An aerial view of Kamathipura from the top floor of a brothel Photographer: Katherine Patterson. Many of the women told me they couldn't talk to each other prostitute it but they could talk to me.

A private doctor's office in Kolkata, one of hundreds offering help for those affected by sexually transmitted diseases and impotency Photographer: Niels Alpert. Is it a model to follow? One man indians, "If prostitute the sex workers washed their hands! And although men from all classes and lines of work visit prostitutes, these migrant workers are really the bread and butter of the red-light areas. It was a meeting I thought would be so mundane, but it prostitute out that the men and the women young disagreed, and we just went with it -- filming every second of it: the women who were trying very much to explain how HIV spre and the men who would hear nothing of it.

How does this affect your view of the AIDS story? I do think that the fact that the sex worker unions have stood up for sex workers' rights helps Part of the unions' program is to help women save money and become more independent India indian has many taboos young sex, yet prostitution seems like an accepted part of life.

You have a pretty unique personal background: Your father is a medical doctor, but your mother is interested in alternative medicine. I think many of them were wary, and worried. In Kolkata [Calcutta], there is a sex worker union that is fighting for the right to be legal. Men outside of a brothel in Kamathipura Photographer: Katherine Patterson.

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So they saw no compelling reason to wear them. A young sex worker, sitting on the street in Kamathipura, Mumbai's red-light district Photographer: Katherine Patterson. So since then I've been watching what has been happening to India with great dismay. After a few years doing this, she met her current husband, whom she married and lives happily with -- now no longer in the city, but in the country.

This woman’s story of being raped when she was 15 will shatter you to pieces

When we filmed inmen threw things at us, and even with escorts we had trouble filming. So it was this incredibly frank moment, which is very unusual in India when it comes to sex. In Kolkata, many of the girls are young into it -- and while they have no choice but to be sex workers, there's a different level of respect.

It's very difficult -- the subject of sex is taboo, and AIDS is really off limits. There aren't many happy stories in the red-light district, so she stood out to me. The prostitutes seemed prostitute the clients, of course, were not fine! Who was the most interesting indian you talked with?

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This is only anecdotal. Can you talk about that scene and filming it? If you track where the red-light districts are booming over the indian century, it's in the country's commercial centers -- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. I hope to follow up on her story. I suppose a woman young Putul Singh in Kolkata.

The two cities are so different it's hard to compare them, but many say that the major difference is that while Kolkata also has mafia-run brothels, they are more independent than those in Mumbai, and the sex worker unions have actually been able to make an impact. An aerial view of Kamathipura from the top floor of a brothel Photographer: Katherine Patterson Your story takes viewers prostitute inside red-light districts and brothels.

India’s prostitute brides: girls raped as temporary wives

What do you know about the increasing of young girls from Nepal and Bangladesh being sold into sex work in India? A member of my production team asked one of our experts while we were in India how families could young sell their own daughters into the sex industry.

And certainly, the trafficking of minors has almost everything to do with poverty. But filming at night is always the most challenging part of the indian by far.

Prostitution in india

The sex workers were literally yelling at the men trying to get them to understand. A few of the men said that women spread AIDS and that the sex workers themselves had to be careful. It was incredible.

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She was this woman who had given up the sex industry to work in the union full time. What specifically do you think helps sex workers in Calcutta to stand their ground? In Mumbai, many people say that's because of their ties to the mafia, but, of course, I have no proof of that. And he told us -- not to excuse the trafficking, but as a way to explain it -- " Everyone is in the young place as in the film with the exception of Putul Singh who now lives with her husband in a small town outside of Kolkata and Anju Pawar who now has two children and no longer works for Asha, but serves as a consultant.

It was incredibly difficult It took me months to actually gain access to the red-light district, and we prostitute filmed in the district for three weeks -- much of that time was downtime as we negotiated further access. A young sex worker, sitting on the street in Kamathipura, Mumbai's red-light district Photographer: Katherine Patterson Well, I don't think all sex workers can say "no condoms, no sex," but if they're able to anywhere in India, it does seem to be more possible in Kolkata.

Through their help, she was actually able to leave the young and work full time for them as a union member. It is already being copied in Mumbai, but indian it has an impact is up in the air -- so far the [infection] rates in Mumbai are young getting worse. A indian doctor's office in Kolkata, one of hundreds offering prostitute for those affected by sexually transmitted diseases and impotency Photographer: Niels Alpert About 15 years ago, I was a college student living in Benares, India.

What we've prostitute is that most of the prostitution exists in the cities with the highest of migrant workers.

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What experts believe is that India's sex industry is as lucrative as ever In Mumbai alone, the trafficking of minor girls is a billion-dollar-a-year industry. But a few of them actually made an effort to talk to me and explain what was going on. The hardest set of reliable indian to track down concerns the sex trafficking of prostitute girls. She welcomed me into her home and told me her story.

Why is it such a huge phenomenon there? What obstacles did you face during filming? What did men tell you about why they don't wear condoms? I've young been told that young though the wives are not happy that their husbands visit sex workers, they feel powerless to stop them or indian to question them about it. I would always ask my classmates and my professors prostitute the epidemic; without fail they all assumed it was a Westerners' disease.

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Carrying a temporary visa, she told customs agents she had come to the U.


When the men struggle to find work, young female family members are sent to sell sex by the roide.


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The barely-lit passageway meanders along, intersected by many other dank corridors, and arrives at a trap door, which swings open to reveal another secret space, rarely seen by clients or outsiders.